Mitsubishi and MHI Join Forces To Produce New Diesel Engine

by : Sarah Mcbride

A new generation diesel engine. This is what Mitsubishi Motors along with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries would be working on. They have come to join their workforce and analytical minds so as to create a new generation diesel engine. Primarily, Mitsubishi Motors is set on using this new diesel engine as a new feature to cars that they would be exporting to the Europe region.

The agreement between these two organizations has yet to be finalized. However, once it has been put on paper, everything would soon start to begin. The development would then be on the go and both organizations are targeting on mass production of such a new kind of engine come the year 2010.

Mitsubishi has decided on developing such a new breed of engines for Europe because that market has been clamoring for diesel engines. In fact, vehicles mounted with such engines are beginning to grow in sales. Aside from that, Europe is out for vehicles that have lowered carbon dioxide emissions. And Mitsubishi has already set its mind on being the automobile manufacturer that could bring what that market demands.

So what kind of diesel engine would this one be? Mitsubishi claims that they would be producing and developing a two-liter engine. They would be mounting this on cars that range from the small ones to midsize vehicles. Of course, they are planning on making sure that this new engine would meet the strict and new emissions standards in Europe which is dubbed as the Euro5. The Euro5 would be taking effect in 2010 and it requires car manufacturers to have stricter standards as per particulate pollutants and emissions of nitrogen oxides.

What Mitsubishi vehicles would this new diesel engine be on? According to Mitsubishi, they would make sure that the key Mitsubishi market models targeted for the Europe market would be benefiting from this.

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