Ford Escape Hybrid Technology Clinic Given To Las Vegas

by : Terry Brown

The Ford Motor Company and its set of expert engineers on hybrids would be having a technology clinic. This technology clinic would be done along with some officials from the city of Las Vegas as well as officials from Clark County. There would also be representatives from the taxi industry who would be joining such an event. Common consumers and representatives from the auto market would be taking part of the technology clinic so as to learn more about hybrids.

Primarily, the Ford Escape Hybrid technology clinic would be done as part of the whole campaign towards raising awareness and information dissemination on the advantages and benefits that hybrid technology offers. It is not simply about having cars that offer the latest technology and the best but it is about having the best kind of technology that helps out not only people but the environment as well.

At present, the numbers are rising for the various cities of the United States are now changing ways. More and more cities are now replacing their vehicles with hybrid-electric vehicles. This is in accordance with the campaign towards having cleaner air and reduced fuel costs. And Las Vegas is joining in such a move towards a cleaner environment. Thirty Ford Escape hybrid vehicles were added to the city's municipal fleet. And its Clark County also has in its hands thirteen Ford Escape hybrids and they are still out for more. Nineteen more of these vehicles would soon be joining the rest of their vehicles.

Las Vegas and its Clark County are not the only areas and cities that have turned to hybrids for use. Other cities have also been joining in the trend like the city of New York and San Francisco where they employ hybrid cars for use as taxi cabs.