How to Make Biodiesel Fuel

by : Chris Coffman

Suppose you could cut your fuel cost by a substantialamount? Suppose you could help cut down on carbon dioxidein the atmosphere while reducing your engine wear? Theseare only a few of the benefits of making biodiesel fuel athome.

Making biodiesel fuel at home is a hot topic due to therecent increases in gas prices. Individuals across thecountry are producing biodiesel fuels for pennies usingingredients such a vegetable oil, animal fats, and grease.Anyone can start their own biodiesel production. Mostconsider this a difficult process, however, it is mucheasier than most would think. Here is a three step systemfor making biodiesel fuel at home.

1. Ensure your automobile will run on biodiesel fuel

Biodiesel can be used in most in a majority of dieselengines with little or no modification to the engine.However, it is wise to ensure your engine will operatecorrectly with biodiesel fuel before you get started. Youbest bet would be to consult your automobile manual or trycalling your local dealership. If you're unsure, contact aprofessional to help you out. Once you have determined yourengine will run correctly, you can then move on to the nextstep of production.

2. Making Biodiesel Fuel

Though this may seem like a difficult task, it is easierthan one would think. The production process usuallyinvolves the combining of vegetable oil or animal fats withmethanol alcohol. The chemical reaction that takes placecreates esters that compose the "bio" portion of the fuel.

The esters are then combined with petroleum to create thefuel. For those who are relatively new to the process, manyguides are now available that teach you how to accomplisheach step from the comfort of your home. These guidesrequire no previous experience and are a incredible sourceof helpful information.

3. Enjoy The Savings

While gas prices continue to rise through the roof, manypeople are enjoying the savings provided by biodiesel fuel.When you're creating your own for pennies, you can imaginehow much you'll save in fuel costs. Most people can use theextra money. Plus, you'll also be reducing your engine wearand cutting down on carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. '

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand how tomake biodiesel fuel at home. It is an exciting experienceand the savings on fuel cost are even better. Good luck onyour quest to make biodiesel fuel and don't forget to enjoythe ride!