Car Show Sponsored By Oldsmobile Club

by : Jenny Mclane

This coming Sunday, a club of Oldsmobile lovers and followers would be sponsoring an event that car lovers from all walks of life would surely love to attend. To be held at the Museum of Transportation located at 3015 Barret Station Road in West St. Louis County in the state of Missouri, everyone interested can gather around and take part of the auto show that the Archway Oldsmobile Club would be holding.

According to this club of Oldsmobile followers, the said auto show would be featuring a huge range of cars and vehicles. They estimate to have around 175 to 200 automobiles that would carry various makes and models. These vehicles would simply not be just any vehicle one can find in the streets and roads today. The Archway Oldsmobile Club assures and guarantees that the automobiles in this car show would include vehicles from the brass-era as well as those head-turning muscle cars. The club has yet to announce if Oldsmobile owners would be able to find in the event.

Gene Bossaler, the current president of the said car club explains that the Archway Oldsmobile Club has been existing since the year 1978. In fact, it was formed with a common goal which was to lend a hand in preserving Oldsmobile vehicles as well as restoring them to good condition. The club has also been known to be in attendance during other car shows. They even do take a hand at judging car contests in the area.

The car show that would be happening this Sunday would seem like a good one. After all, even Molly Butterworth, the curator of the Museum of Transportation, says that the number of vehicles and the car makes that would be shown off is quite large compared to the usual number that the museum has for a car show. The list includes two 1915 Oldsmobile Runabouts. There might even be a couple of cars which were produced in 1927 or even earlier.