Audi TT. A Head Turner

by : Kerry Plowright

When the Audi TT first burst onto the Australian market it received a lot of attention. Its radical sporty design was a real head turner, and this has not changed today. The Audi TT looks as terrific on the road today as the day it was first introduced onto Australian roads back in 1999.

The distinctive sports styling of the Audi TT has ensured its success as a true sports car. It is small and extremely well rounded, has a suitably sporty interior and performs to the standard you would expect from its looks. When you sit in the driver's seat you will be impressed by the in which the seat holds you firmly in place (even when stationary). And the retro chrome roll bars and dash really look the part and enhance the sports feel.

Hardtop or roadster
Originally the Audi TT was available only in a hardtop, however a roadster was introduced in 2000. The Audi TT was powered by a four cylinder turbocharged engine and was available in the all wheel drive Quattro or front wheel drive versions. From 2004 a 3.2 litre V6 engine Quattro was added to the line up.

What to look for when choosing a one owner Audi TT
If you are in the market for a good used Audi TT then you may want to consider one from 2004 onwards if your budget permits, as this not only allows you to choose the V6 engine but the suspension was also given an overhaul as some earlier models experienced handling problems at higher speeds.

Models from 2003 onwards also offer you the choice of a six speed automatic tiptronic gearbox.

When inspecting any used Audi TT check for signs of leakage in roadsters by taking a close look at the seals and search for signs of water damage on the floor. Check that the engine starts straight away and when road testing the car, check that the gears change lightly.

Features of the Audi TT
The Audi TT is not a cheap car; even good used cars hold their value quite well, so this car will not be within everyone's budget. But if you do have the financial means, then here are just some of the features you can expect to get with your true German sports car:
?Climate control air conditioning
?Leather upholstery
?Six speaker audio system
?Driver and passenger airbags
?Four wheel ABS
?Stability control, and
?Remote power locks and immobilizer.

Not for everybody
Of course being a sports car, you will have to make sacrifices. There's not much room in the back for rear passengers, and you don't have the best rear view when it comes to doing a reverse park in the main street. But hey, this is a sports car! If you're after a car to pick the kids up after school in or to do the weekly groceries, then this is obviously not going to be the car for you.