More Labor Day Travelers With Lowered Gas Prices

by : Terry Brown

After the continuous increase of the price of gas and fuel, the trend seemed to hang in the air for a moment and thus decided to start descending downward. This movement in the prices of gas and fuel has surely made lots of drivers and consumers happy.

$2.90 is currently the price of one gallon of fuel and according to the American Automobile Association, which is commonly called the AAA, this would certainly send out more people to go and take on the roads come the Labor Day weekend. Lower gas prices mean that they could purchase more gallons and keep their vehicle going for longer distances. And aside from that, the savings that they would be getting could give them the chance to purchase any worn out or to simply give their vehicles a gift with some cool accessories.

According to AAA, they are expecting some 35.2 million Americans to travel to various locations during the mentioned holiday weekend. And the organization further estimates that these 35.2 million Americans would be having an average 50 miles or more of travel. These numbers are far greater than those of last year. In fact, it is a 1.2 per cent increase compared to last year.

Gail Weinholzer is the director of public affairs for AAA's Minnesota and Iowa arm. Weinholzer relates, "Labor Day brings this eventful and strong summer travel season to a close. Despite seeing gas prices at record heights this summer, Americans have traveled nonetheless, and the recent price drops certainly won't stop them from traveling through Labor Day. Travel will be up only slightly this holiday weekend. Both high gas prices and the increasing number of school systems that start before Labor Day contribute to the small increase in expected travel."

However, it is important to note that travelers during the Labor Day weekend would surely not be only spending their budget on cash. They would also have to consider various factors like food, drinks, accommodations, and entrance fees. That is why Weinholzer shares, "To help ease the pain of high travel costs this Labor Day weekend, travelers should take time to shop around to find the best hotel value. And even though gasoline will still make up a relatively small part of many families' travel expenses, it's worth taking steps to save on gasoline and improve fuel economy to help deal with high summer gas prices."