New Zealand Sets Day for Driving Mazda Mx-5 With Top Down

by : Kimberly Meyer

A couple of days ago, New Zealand had certainly made sure that all Mazda MX-5 Convertible owners would be able to enjoy the breeze and the cool wind as they drive through the country with their vehicle's tops down. After all, with the kind of weather that New Zealand has, driving with the top down would be a really unforgettable driving experience.

Not only does the Mazda MX-5 come with the best quality parts like those in previous years, this convertible also does come with a hardtop that is power operated. There is no need to go through all the trouble of putting the top up or down whenever you want to. The Mazda MX-5's hard top can go up or down completely in just a mere twelve seconds. And all you need to do is press a button and the vehicle does the putting up or the keeping of the hard top.

But you see, there is also another version of the Mazda MX-5. This one is the Mazda MX-5 Roadster. And looking at the roadster and the convertible, you would notice that both hold the same kind of steel roof mirrors. However, the main difference would be that the Mazda MX-5 Convertible comes with a hard top while the Roadster version comes with a fabric top.

It would be a really great experience to know just how Mazda creates these very unique and very satisfactory vehicles. Perhaps we can go into their line of thinking through a statement that was uttered by Roger Russell. Russell is considered to be the technical guru when it comes to the company's New Zealand Arm. He expressed, "We wanted to satisfy human appreciation." And perhaps that statement says it all. The company creates products that would be appreciated by the people.

Purchasing the Mazda MX-5 would have to mean shelling out around $51,990 for that with a manual transmission while the version that has been equipped with an automatic transmission would be holding a price tag of $53,900.