Rinspeed Cayman: Breathtaking Scales of An Elegant Reptile

by : Stacey Wilson

The established sophistication of Porsche Cayman is made more powerful in its Rinspeed version. The latter combines excellent aerodynamic package and car performance. The aura is likened to that of a captivating reptile with scales all over. The design is based from the Indy look, which has become famous because of the 997 model series.

Rinspeed Cayman uses the revolutionary made of aluminum alloys for high-performance driving. The prominent 5-spoke wheels got their merits from innumerable wheel upgrades and designs. Since the inception of high-performance wheels, Porsche defines its set of wheels by making them blend with the excellent drive feel.

The interior of Porsche Cayman is enhanced by a sporty steering wheel, aluminum pedals sets, aluminum shift knob, emergency brake system to create a more attractive reptile. Lesonal, German paint manufacturer, is responsible for the orange color effect of the car. Said paint effect gives the car a domineering, dynamic and aggressive look of a reptile at rage.

New side skirts are also given to Rinspeed Cayman. These skirts features a carbon diffuser insert. The exchangeable rear skirt inserts tolerate center or dual exhaust systems. In their entirety, the skirts have made the car appeared sleeker and lowered.

To round up the excitement among car fanatics, Porsche has incorporated first-rate metal catalytic converters, headers, parking lights and stainless steel exhaust systems. To add up to its reptile concept, the suspension is lowered by 25mm. Rinspeed Cayman comes with a suspension kit which is tailored to the PASM system.

Cayman manifests Porsche love of curves. The car is engineered to become muscular, sporty yet sculpted. The twists and turns in the design concept made it more appealing to the aficionados. Like an adorable yet full of wrath reptile, Rinspeed Cayman emanates endurance, speed, agility and finesse. The impressive acceleration, performance and the trendy look is expected to create that gaze of incredulity from the passersby.

Thrilling driving performance, high-standard technology, quieter driving, cleaner air and comfy ride can be experienced in this engaging reptilian car.