25th Millionth Mazda Transmission Produced

by : Margaret Adams

The 25th millionth Mazda transmission system has already been produced and the manufacturer and distributor is quite happy with this situation. That milestone making transmission system from the Mazda Motor Corporation has been actually produced in the company's Hofu plant. The Hofu plant can be found in Yamaguchi Prefecture in the Nakanoseki district in Japan. It took the company some twenty four years and nine months to be able to create the 25th millionth transmission system.

Aside from this groundbreaking event, the company is also set out on increasing its current production of automatic transmissions which have been set out for use by Mazda vehicles who are front wheel drive equipped. The current number of automatic transmission created by the company is some 655,000 however they are now setting the new target as 764,000 units. The company does claim that such a move is to actually be able to respond to the steady demand for two of its front wheel drive vehicles. These two vehicles are the Mazda Axela which is known in other areas as the Mazda3, and the Mazda Premacy which is known also as the Mazda5.

"I am proud of your efforts, the cooperative spirit and resourcefulness everyone at the Hofu plant has employed over the years which has led to this remarkable achievement of 25 million transmissions produced," exclaims Masaharu Yamaki. Yamaki adds, "I would also like to thank all of the people with a connection to the Hofu plant, whose support each and every day has made this possible." Yamaki is the current senior managing executive officer of Mazda's production and logistics team.

He even further says, "In October 2006, we will increase the production capacity of automatic transmissions for front wheel drive models from 655,000 to 764,000 units per year. Mazda cannot be complacent or accept the status quo, and we will continue to improve the Nakanoseki plant, striving to make it the best plant in the Mazda group, if not the world."