Why your Next Car Will Be a Hybrid

by : Luther Burrell

Early adopters of any new technology always pay a higher price for the privilege of being the first on the block with their new gadget. This is no different in the case of hybrid cars. Current prices for a new hybrid range from $19000 to $55000. It is hard to make a case that gas savings alone will make up for the difference in price of these vehicles.

The cutting edge technology that these cars use to achieve maximum fuel efficiency is impressive to say the least. Although, I am still waiting for the ignition key to go away. But there are several economical and ethical reasons why your next car should be a hybrid.

Foremost, hybrid cars use less gasoline that a comparable gasoline only car.

We are all tired of being at the mercy of the oil companies. Any technology that allows us to pass by a gas station a little more often would be worth the cost. When you choose a hybrid, you are choosing technology over gasoline. At least you are in a little more control of where your money goes. Would you rather be funding advances in technology for better hybrid and electric vehicles or lining the oil company's pockets?

In some areas hybrid cars can travel in the commuter lane with just the driver

This is usually limited to a certain number of cars and will not last forever. But for now take advantage of a slightly less stressful commute.

Some states offer a tax credit for the purchase of hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles.

Anytime we can get money back from the government, that is a good thing.

With fewer emissions than their all gas counterparts, hybrid cars are better for the environment.

Granted some vehicles are hybrids only in name. If the gasoline engine is the primary engine and the electric is only used as a backup, you are not that much better off than an all gas vehicle. In fact, there are some all gas vehicles that beat some hybrids in gas mileage and emissions. However, if the electric motor is the primary and the gas is the backup engine you will see large reductions in total emissions. As of this writing the only production hybrid that meets this description is the Prius from Toyota. But others will soon follow. Technology is advancing rapidly and auto makers will be bringing more alternative fuel, hybrid, and electric vehicles to market.

As more people turn to hybrid and electric cars for their primary mode of transportation, the gas guzzling cars of the 20th century will be harder and harder to find. Our kids will thank us for the cleaner air and water. Our grandchildren may ask us one day what smog is and we can tell them tall tails of grey skies and "Spare the Air" days.