The Things your Car Should Have

by : Tracy Dawson

When I am talking about things that your vehicle should have, I am certainly not referring to those simply or or . What this article is referring to are those items or technologies that would certainly give your car that further boost that it, and you, need.

There are already various types of high technology created and developed for vehicles and these technologies have already been made available in the market. However, most of these can only be found on those high priced models or are given out as very expensive options. But still, the future seems to have changing and maybe soon enough, these could already be made available as a standard option and there would be no need for us to shell out any additional cash just to have those technologies for our vehicle.

The Parking Technology If you certainly hate parking, especially parallel parking, then you may be very grateful for the Intelligent Park Assist system which has been developed by Toyota's Lexus brand. This feature has been made available in the newest versions of the Lexus LS units as well as in the Toyota Prius. There would be no need to sweat through parking. The car will do it all for you.

The Eye For Blind Spots Most of the accidents that occur in our roads and streets are all because drivers are simply not aware that there are other vehicles around him. This is because those other vehicles are in the driver's blind spot. So the kind of technology that would solve this problem would be those that allow the driver to see through every inch around him including blind spots. Audi already has the Side Assist system which uses LED displays while Volvo has the Blind Spot Information System which utilizes cameras.

The One Which Senses Collisions This type of system or technology is called the precollision system and it can actually do know if a collision is about to happen. And when it does sense that such a misfortune is about to take place, it actually takes control of some areas of the vehicle so much so that the vehicle is not totally involved in that untoward accident. The Advanced Pre-Collision System from Lexus is an example of such.

The Owl's Eyes Given the eyes of an owl, one can see through the dark. And if your vehicle sure did give you that kind of vision, accidents at night would surely be lessened. The Night Vision is the name of the system and it has already been offered in various vehicle brands like Cadillac, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Lexus.