Fuel Efficient School Bus Ready Soon

by : Sarah Mcbride

Soon enough, students would be brought to school and would be traveling home in a bus that is fuel efficient. And this new kind of school bus would be working on batteries from Valence Technology, Inc.

What is behind such an innovation?

It seemed like Valence is the very brain behind creations and contraptions like the U-Charge® XP Power systems which uses technology from Saphion® phosphate. And from this, Enova Systems, while working with the IC Corporation, has met with a deal so as to create such a fuel efficient school bus. Enova is one supplier of Hybrid Electric power systems that are efficient and very friendly to the environment. On the other hand, IC Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of school buses and it has won the bid so much so that it will now be the provider of some twenty one hybrid school buses which would be distributed and used in eleven different states in the US.

These new hybrid school buses would not be quite unique and extraordinary once you take a look at it outside. Sure, those parts that make up the vehicle seem to be just like those ones you saw when you were buying those your father needed. But underneath the hood is where you do find the difference.

According to John Dexter, "We selected Valence's Saphion® phosphate batteries for their inherent safety, which addresses the limitations of traditional lithium-ion chemistries particularly in large batteries like those needed for hybrid vehicles. In addition to safety, Saphion technology delivers the power and energy that these buses demand. We are excited to offer school districts clean running, safe and cost effective transportation." Dexter is the current director of operations and planning for Enova.

Such a move would actually be quite beneficial not only to school districts but it would also prove to be an advantage to the environment. Primarily, this is so because of the reduced amount of emissions that such vehicles have. And when those school systems have heard about such a change in their transportation, they were indeed elated to say at the very least.