Toyota Unfolds the 10th-generation Corolla

by : Mark Clarkson

Ten generations, forty years and still anticipating for more that's to show how tough Toyota Corolla's staying power gets. Earlier, Toyota Motor Corp. (TMS) has launched its 10th generation Corolla in Japan. Said launch paved way to two promising Corollas Axio and Fielder.

All-new Japanese Corollas come in sedan and wagon guise. Both the sedan and the wagon are conservatism epitomized. However, they are equipped with ground-breaking Toyota Corolla performance parts technology.

As a fact, said model is the second vehicle from Toyota is to get the automaker's intelligent parking-assist system. The first vehicle to get said technology was Lexus LS. With it, hassles out of slotting into a tight parking space are no longer a worry. Further, it detects impending collisions hence it is a boost to ensure safety while driving. The system applies automatically to brakes and seatbelts. The cost of the option is ?105,000, or $879 at current exchange rates.

The new Corolla is equipped with a newly developed 1.8-liter engine and Super CVT-i (Super Continuously Variable Transmission-intelligent) transmission, which provides superb cruising and environmental performance.

Since Corolla's debut in the year 1966, its production considered the latest and the forthcoming demands of time. Hence, the results of the well-planed designs and workflow have gained favor of millions of car owners. Toyota's designers and engineers play a vital role in the establishment driving motorization pleasures and useful technologies. Nowadays, Corolla is sold to more than 140 countries and regions. Moreover, its cumulative sales amounted to greater than 30 million vehicles.

Brand new Corolla uses the groundbreaking 'car-making by a new measure' theme. Its focus is the enhancement of the car's performance and quality. Corolla's new features include rearview monitor that is standard on all Axio models and the one-touch double-folding rear seats that are standard on all Fielder models.

The United States is expected to experience the drive feel of the new Corolla in the spring of 2008. This is to stretch first the release to other parts of the globe like Asia, Europe and North America. On one hand, several car enthusiasts expressed their downbeat thoughts about the new Corolla. They believe that the Corolla in Japan cannot put up a good fight with the Honda Civic in America.