Hyundai Motor America Gets Manufacturer of the Year Title

by : Joe Thompson

It looks like the Spanish speaking parts of the United States have come to recognize one thing: that Hyundai Motor America would be the best recipient for the Manufacturer of the Year Award.

It was Sobre Ruedas which awarded Hyundai the award "Manufacturer Sobre Ruedas 2006". This was done during the magazine's third Annual Awards Ceremony which was held during the 36th South Florida International Auto Show at the Miami Beach Convention Center. For those who are not Spanish speaking and to those who are not familiar with Sobre Ruedas, it is actually one of the leaders when it comes to automotive magazines in the US which offers information and articles in the Spanish language.

Many have gone to believe that such an award is actually a way of saying that Hyundai is really one of the very best when it comes to vehicles and cars as well as when it comes to and the works. The award is also very much a validation that Hyundai is really committed in making products for the auto market that are of quality and has safety features. Of course, the company would not be able to achieve such without having to listen to what the customers and the experts are saying.

One of the very things that took the attention of Sobre Ruedas was the fact that the brand was able to send out and launch seven totally new vehicles in just a span of twenty four months. However, despite such, all of these vehicles still sport around that aura and that sphere of quality, standard features, and safety. In fact, the brand is making much income out of their vehicles for it is now considered and is now placed as the fourth in the line of imported brands in the US.

"During the 24/7 plan, we have launched an entire new lineup of outstanding Hyundai products with industry leading standard safety technologies, intelligent ergonomic engineering and outstanding quality. This award recognizes our continuous efforts to position our products at the top of their segments and achieve maximum customer satisfaction and safety," says John Krafcik. Krafcik is currently the vice president for Hyundai Motor America's department on product development and strategic planning.