Underage Drinking and Driving Never Did Match

by : Terry Brown

You have just recently acquired that new Volkswagen Golf straight right out of your garage when your parents gave it to you on your birthday. You are still new to the wheel yet you certainly do love the feeling that you have once you are behind it. You are so proud of your driving skills as well as your vehicle's performance. After all, you were able to get your father to actually do buy your unit a couple of those and a for that unique look.

Celebrating your birthday may mean a lot to you. And yes, drinking may be counted in. However, if you are thinking of having your birthday party with some drinking, then perhaps you may want to change your mind about driving home after the fun is over. It may be your birthday and your special day but accidents and crashes do not choose anybody.

If you think that drinking and driving is something that you can get actually go through without harming anybody and yourself, then you may want to start visiting a photo exhibit which would be sponsored and organized by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (or MADD) and Daimler Chrysler. One major feature would be the lives of the Heart family who hail from St. Louis before and after encountering an underage drunk driver.

They call the event After the Crash and it is actually a traveling photo exhibit which would be making its rounds in various cities and states in the US. This exhibit would actually allow people to look and take a peek into the lives of ten families whose lives were forever changed because they were victims of crashes and accidents that involved underage drunk drivers. The photo exhibit is also considered to be a campaign so as to give drivers, teenagers, and parents insight as to the things that could possibly happen to their lives if they get involved in such when in the very first place, it could have been avoided.

The whole exhibit would not only show pictures of the families but there would also be interesting interviews as well as video clips to further emphasize the gravity of the situation.