£2 Million for a Jaguar

by : Michelle Crimson

Are you willing to buy a Jaguar sports car for a price of ?2 million? Or would you just rather spend your cash on restoring an old Jaguar by just purchasing some ?

Well, if you are, then you most certainly are going to love learning about this piece of news. There is a Jaguar sports car that is ready for auction. And its price tag can has actually been considered to be the highest and even a world record breaker. Imagine: a price tag of more than ?2 million for one Jaguar sports car.

With such a price, many car aficionados, who also has got the tons of excess funds to spare, seem to be battling it out with each other just so as to get this coveted vehicle. Sure, this Jaguar sports car has already gained fame and fortune just for the fact that it is being sold at such a high amount of price. However, if you do think about it, this car was simply purchased for a mere ?2,500. In fact, it was bought for that price after it had finished its race back in the 1950s. At present times, the owner was able to keep this Jaguar vehicle in tiptop shape, everything was in place from the smallest to the most important piece, the price has certainly skyrocketed.

So are you now ready to know what kind of Jaguar sports car is this?

This high priced sports car is the Jaguar D Type. And according to its owner, this vehicle actually took the fourth place during the Le Mans 24 hour race in the years 1956 and 1957. Two legendary drivers were the ones who took the place behind the wheel during the mentioned race. One is Paul Frere while the other one is Jacques Swaters. Both are Belgian drivers.

Aside from such pieces of information, this Jaguar D Type also has got a very high price because this is one of the remaining four of its kind that is still working and in very good condition. Two of these four can be found in private museums in the United States while the remaining one unit is in the hands of its creator Jaguar.