Diesel Engines Get Some Work From Toyota and Isuzu

by : Joe Thompson

Together, two of the top Japanese auto manufacturers are going to form a partnership so as to bring a new kind of engine to the auto world. So which popular auto makers are these? It is going to be a joint venture of giants Toyota Motor Corporation and Isuzu Motors Ltd.

According to a news release, these two creators have already had an agreement that they would be forming capital tie-ups as well as business ones. These would be actually done so as to help out each other create new advances and developments when it comes to creating and manufacturing diesel engines.

However, experts in the industry do believe that such a deal could actually be part of the move of Toyota. You see, there have been reports in the auto industry that the Japanese auto giant Toyota is already planning and working on purchasing a huge share of the and vehicles creator. What would be happening is that Toyota would be purchasing around 60 million shares of Isuzu straight right out of Mitsubishi while another 40 million shares would be purchased from the Itochu Corporation.

Aside from creating developments for diesel engines, the two companies would also be working together on developing devices that would limit emission control for such type of engines. The creator of would be dwelling on the research part for it has already been known to be a company that has been able to create environment friendly technologies because of the research and technology that they used.

What has Toyota got to say about this one? Katruaki Watanabe, the president of the company, states during a news conference, "Toyota sees protecting the environment as the biggest mission for an automaker. Hybrid technology is one of the effective ways. But given that each country has different energy policies and regulations, we believe it is necessary to further strengthen areas related to diesel."

As on the Isuzu end, Yoshinori Ida, the president of the mentioned company, says, "By teaming up with Toyota, I am certain that we will be able to create the world's best diesel engine. This business tie-up will not only strengthen the two companies' competitive edge but will also contribute to the global environment."