More Recalls As Announced By the Nhtsa

by : Jenny Mclane

Four recalls. There would be four recalls happening and this is not just any kind of rumor or gossip. This is for real. And it was the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, who gave out the announcement on these four recalls.

Each of the recalls is separate from each other. According to the US government's traffic and safety arm, the entire recalls would actually be totaling up to an estimated 300,600 vehicle units. With recalls that huge, it would also mean quite a huge amount of expenses on the end of car manufacturers who are involved in the recalls.

Everything would have been quite so easy if and only if the things that needed to be fixed or replaced were or for that matter. However, this certainly does look like not just a simple recall to replace or fix such. The entirety looks quite to be on the heavy side.

Some 170,099 units that are recalled are actually from the Volvo brand. And if you do the Math, the whole amount from Volvo takes up more than half of the total number of recalls as announced by the NHTSA. The list of Volvo cars affected includes station wagons, passenger cars, and even sport utility vehicles. All of these are those which have been produced for the model years 1999 up until 2002.

What are wrong with these Volvo vehicles? According to the NHTSA, Volvo would be replacing and fixing the vehicle speed controls of several vehicle models which include the Volvo C70, S60, S80, S70, V70, XC90, and the V70 XC. Tests done by the organization have spoken that the vehicles have been mounted with an electronic throttle model which can malfunction and thus cause danger to its passengers. The software would only be upgraded to fix the problem.

Other vehicle brands that would be recalling their vehicle models include Daimler Chrysler AG's Chrysler Group and Jeep brand. The Ford Motor Company will also be recalling a couple units of its own.

All expenses with regards to the recall would be handled by the companies that produced the malfunctioning vehicles.