Buying Used Luxury Cars: How To Avoid A Lemon

by : Christine Harrell

Buying a used luxury car is a smart and economical decision-if you take the right approach. Today's luxury cars are built better and last longer than ever before. Purchasing the right used luxury car means getting more car and more fun options for your money. But according to one UK based used auto dealer, 3 out of 10 people are dissatisfied with their used car purchase! That means that if you shop for cars like the average person, there's only a 70% chance that you'll be happy with one of the largest purchases you're likely to make all year! Here are some tips to make sure that you're not one of the "other" 30%.

Get an inspection:
Would you buy a used parachute from an unknown previous owner without having it opened up inspected by a professional first? If so, then you probably aren't the type to still be reading this article. Most of us just assume that if the car looks great on the outside then it must be fine under the hood as well. No necessarily so!

Though used luxury cars are generally cared for and maintained better than non luxury used autos, there is still a chance that the previous owner caused damage due to poor maintenance. It's possible that there could be any number of things that have gone awry that aren't visible to the untrained eye. It may cost $75 - $150 dollars for an outside expert opinion, but this is money well spent.

Choose your dealership wisely:
Who do you think chooses the used luxury cars on the lots you go to visit? Each dealership sets its own tandards about the kind of cars that it will sell on its lot. Just like any company has a decision to make about the quality of products it sells, a dealership does the same.

Just because you see the same used Lexus SUV at two different used car dealerships doesn't mean that they're both created equally. The buyer at the first dealership may have higher standards for where they buy their used luxury cars than the one with the multi-colored flags strewn across the parking lot. Even if the used Lexus SUV from the second dealership costs a little less, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a better deal.

Do your research:
Dig around online for answers about the used luxury cars you're considering. Don't just look at the manufacturer sites or reviews published when the car was first released. Look for customer reviews and recalls. Also get the car's VIN number and visit to check for any prior damage. Oftentimes, the dealership will run and pay for the Carfax report if you ask.

If you know how to shop for used luxury cars, there's no reason to worry about being in that unhappy 30%. By approaching car buying the right way, you'll not only be among the 70% that are happy with their used car purchase, but smiling as you cruise by all those other car owners who paid up to 30% more for your same model car new!