The Myths of Driving Drunk

by : Jason Moore

Our world has been bombarded with myths and with legends. Some myths have their own scientific bases however most of them are purely concocted out of the scared and fearing minds of people. And when it comes to driving and drinking, there are also some myths attached to that. Although I still would have yet to hear myths about buying auto parts like perhaps.

When it comes to driving and drinking, the statistics just goes to show that myths may still abound but the reality is already there. For example, crashes and accidents on the roads are much higher on the eve of New Year compared to other evenings all year round. In fact, statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (or the NHTSA), for the year 2005, there were about 135 people who have lost their lives because of drunk driving. And those 135 people died within the hours of 6:00 on the eve of New Year and up until 5:59am of the New Year.

One myth that has been making its rounds among all of us say that when you have been drinking, you can still drive as long as you are not yet slurring your words or are acting like a mad man. Yes, that is yet a myth. The truth is that, one of the major things that alcohol does to you is to actually affect your skills and your coordination. This happens long before you are actually able to see and feel being drunk. You may not yet slur and you may not yet walk in a drunken stupor but your skills and coordination have already been affected by the alcohol. Meaning, driving is still a no-no.

Another myth that experts would like to break up is the one that says when you have been drinking and you need to drive, you can most certainly do so as long as you drink coffee. According to the myth, the caffeine you would find in your coffee would help you get sober. That has yet to be another real myth for our body may get some help from alcohol but the alcohol would still be in our system. The coffee would only help you not get drowsy but your coordination would still be off because of the alcohol.