Driver, be More Careful This New Years Eve

by : Shane Morgay

You simply adore those new you have been gifted by your hubby just this Christmas. And you simply love showing them off each time you drive through the streets. But you could easily lose those accessories and even damage your car, did you know? Especially if you would not be too careful in driving this coming New Year's Eve.

You see, statistics show all of us drivers that during the night before the New Year come in, the numbers of those who get involved in crashes and accidents jump up in spikes. Primarily, this is because most people are too busy celebrating and getting themselves drunk and high so much. And after everybody has gone ahead spent on celebrating, these drivers still do choose to take the spot behind the wheel and do their driving home. This, of course, is a very grave mistake. We all do know the perils of driving while under the influence of liquor and alcohol.

One thing that you could do is to actually take the time and use your sober head to plan ahead. Yes, it is very important for drivers to actually plan before the actual celebrations for the New Year begin. After all, planning has never been a pitfall and it can prove to be a real good ally once the event is already in full zoom. You can have one of your friends who does not drink take you home after everybody has gone tired of celebrating the New Year. Or you can choose to call a cab to take you home instead of driving your vehicle yourself. You can also leave your car in your friend's residence and just drive it back when you are already sober enough.

Most people underestimate the powers of alcohol and liquor which is not right. After all, scientific studies were done and the results did show that alcohol really affects not only our skills and coordination but it also does affect our brain. So it is very much likely for drivers who have been drinking to meet accidents since their skills and coordination that they need to drive have already been affected, perhaps even lessened, by the alcohol that they took in.