First Mosler Mt900s Goes to George Lucas

by : Chuck Smith

Who ever thought that a man like George Lucas would be very much interested in vehicles that are just not so ordinary? Sure, this guy would not be up to buying the simplest of any sort. Lucas would certainly be the kind of guy who would be spending it huge. After all, he is the same George Lucas who is a director, a producer, and a screenwriter. Little did we all know that he also is a car fan and he has been the very first in the whole planet to actually drive home the newest Mosler MT900S. And he would be driving it in black, just like his creation's, Darth Vader, costume.

According to Lucas, he first noticed the Mosler MT900S when his thirteen year old son took home a magazine with the vehicle in it. The vehicle quite took his fancy and with just a few calls, he was able to place an order for the vehicle. Who could stop this director from purchasing such a vehicle? This guy has got more resources than you could ever think of. Lucas did even say, "I was drawn to its looks, its power, its use of high-tech materials, and, of course, its speed." Did you know that Lucas is also the proud owner of a Ferrari F360?

The Mosler MT900S that Lucas now owns is all black. The interior is black and so is the exterior. He chose to have a rear wing delete option. And for entertainment, the director opted to have an Alpine 12-disc CD changer and stereo. This whole system comes with a lightweight carbon fiber subwoofer enclosure for that added thrill and excitement. Lucas also did even have the freedom to choose and design what he would like the interior of his Mosler MT900S to be. And he decided on having the seats and interior customized as per his specifications. All in all, Lucas spent $203,000 for everything.

Warren Mosler is the founder of the company which created the Mosler MT900S that Lucas now owns. Mosler now says, "We designed the MT900S to be the extreme performance vehicle. The MT900S is intended as the ultimate road-going street car for a discriminating group of enthusiasts, collectors and investors capable of appreciating its performance to the fullest."