New Navigation for Land Rover

by : Carol Mitchel

Some choose to have a better year by listing down the best types of promises for themselves. Some choose to list down goals that they would like to achieve for the whole year.

This trend does not only happen in people but it also does happen in businesses and companies. You see, if you were a dealer of , for example, you would like to start the year with a goal in mind, based on what happened the previous year. That way, the experiences are still fresh and you can start anew with the New Year.

For the Land Rover brand, the group has chosen to have its own share of resolutions for the New Year. One of the most promising ones that the brand has shared with the motoring public is that it would be offering customers and interested parties a new way of navigating through our streets and roads. Land Rover says that they had thought of doing such so as to give owners an easy time while driving. They would be offering interested parties in 2007 the latest breed of satellite maps. And yes, those who would like to take part could order these new navigation system maps online. Plus, the prices are about to drop down to half its current price.

"As a company, we embrace the use of technology to develop the ownership experience and this is clearly demonstrated with this new facility. The ability to obtain the latest map information online gives our customers a simple, cost effective method of keeping their navigation systems updated," says Phil Popham, one of the top head honchos at Land Rover. Popham disclosed such information basing on the truth that for most vehicle brands, updating navigation systems need owners to actually purchase CDs or DVDs. However, this time around, everything would be easier online.

To actually order, one must visit the site which can be accessed through The site has already been up since the 22nd of this month. Those who may have a hard time understanding the English language can actually opt to use their native languages. Some of the languages available include that of Germany, Italy, Spain, and France.