C70 Takes Coupe-cabriolet Market by Storm

by : Glady Reign

The Volvo C70, which debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show, is set to sweep the coupe-cabriolet market by storm. The automaker is glad to witness said development of the Volvo C70.

It can be recalled that the introduction of Volvo C70 convertible was an instant success. To further Volvo's growth in the automotive realm, the automaker broaden its model range by making it possible to spread the elegance of top down driving with a high-performing turbo diesel called the D5. The engine is capable of generating high output and powerful torque at all speeds with reduced emissions. are specially manufactured to blend with engine's power.

"The Volvo C70 D5 is a car for enthusiasts who want everything in one package," said Patrik Widerstrand who is the Volvo C70 project manager. "An attractive convertible that also offers a real roof, fantastic handling, and a driveline that combines high performance with power over the entire range of engine speeds - not to mention outstanding driving comfort and very competitive fuel economy."

At the debut of the vehicle, Fredrik Arp, Volvo Cars' President and CEO said, "This is the debut for diesel engines in the C70, and we are taking a major step that makes the C70 even more interesting on the markets where diesel is the first choice of engines. We expect that every fifth C70 that rolls out of the plant will be diesel powered."

Before, customers in the United Kingdom have a choice of two five-cylinder petrol units - the 220bhp T5 and a normally aspirated 2.4-litre with 170bhp. Nowadays, the range is joined by a five-cylinder 180bhp diesel engine.

"We've succeeded in creating an attractive convertible which, at the mere touch of a button, converts into an equally elegant coupe. The customer gets two cars in one. Both with space for four adults," said Hans-Olov Olsson, Volvo Cars President and CEO. The first-generation Volvo C70 Convertible had its best year in 2004 with just over 8000 cars sold globally, while U.S. sales in 2004 totaled 4069 units. "Our all new C70 is one of the first open-top cars in the premium segment with both a steel roof and space for four adults. We believe this is a highly sought-after combination. That's why we expect to more than double our sales compared with the first-generation C70," added Olsson.

The initial sales target for the Volvo C70 was just over 16,000 cars per year. With the positive reception of the aficionado, Volvo has already raised its expectations on the car. The initial target for the new Volvo C70 sales was just over 16,000 per year, but the positive reception has already led Volvo to raise its expectations. "The entire production for model year 2006 is already sold out. We have now increased the target to approximately 20,000 cars a year. The diesel's competitiveness has contributed to our daring to raise the bar," added Fredrik Arp. So far, major auto markets for the car include countries like Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Great Britain, and Belgium.

The all-new Volvo C70 is equipped with a three-piece folding metal roof which is the largest assembly of its type ever built. The distinctive style of the metal roof was penned in conjunction with Pininfarina, an Italian design house. The Italian touch is undeniable. From the flowing lines, to its stepped shoulders and finally to the elegant appearance of the roof, no one would entertain even the faintest doubt that the roof was also created by Pininfarina.

Most of the car's styling cues are no mistaking Volvo. The diagonal silver stripe, striking grille, huge headlights that resemble those of the Volvo S80's, and the slab sides and prominent rear of Volvo C70, all contributed to the upmarket feel of the vehicle. "We started with a coupe design, and then made the necessary adjustments to create a convertible out of its lines," said Fredde Talsma, automaker's stylist.