S80: Scandinavian Luxury Refined

by : Glady Reign

Volvo sets forth a refined Scandinavian luxury car in the form of the S80. Included in the latest generation of the vehicle are naturally aspirated engines and an evolutionary styling.

The Volvo S80, the largest of Volvo's S-range of saloons, is said to be delivering competitive alternative to the dominant. It combines the distinct Scandinavian style, excellent ride and handling characteristics to pave way for a more dynamic Volvo. The engine choices include all-new 315hp V8 with AWD and 3.2L naturally aspirated inline-six-cylinder with 238 horsepower, available with AWD.

"We are convinced that the all new Volvo S80 will be a very strong contender in its class and win over many new customers considering the other popular premium brand rivals. We expect to sell 50,000 new S80s a year around the world, of which 70 per cent will be new Volvo customers," said Frederik Arp, Volvo Cars CEO.

At the launch of the first generation Volvo S80, the automaker heralded bold design that mirrors Volvo's new design direction. However, the Swedish automaker did not stop there. Its pool of designers cleverly entertained a sweeping auto styling innovation that evokes youthful and dynamic design language plus Volvo safety technology.

"The all new S80 is about evolutionary design," said Steve Mattin, Volvo Cars design director. "All the shapes and materials it uses represent a continuous development of the Volvo design language. We have given the all new S80 a more youthful and dynamic stance, and created an even more inviting atmosphere by using refined materials and colours that blend smoothly with smart, user-friendly technology."

In regard safety technology, the Volvo S80 features a unique Personal Car Communicator (PCC) and new active safety systems like the Collision Warning and Brake Support with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), active Bi-Xenon headlights and a patented body structure developed at the award winning Volvo Safety Centre.

The PPC safety feature includes an optional key fob offering 'keyless drive' that delivers intelligent technology to remotely check if the vehicle is locked or not. Same feature alerts the driver if the alarm has been activated. In addition, the heartbeat sensor also gives a warning if there is anyone in the car. The Collision Warning system alerts the driver, via a 'heads-up' warning display on the windscreen plus audible buzzer, if the gap to the car in front closes so fast that a collision is likely, while the Brake Support system boosts the braking force to ensure braking is as effective as possible. Further, the new active Bi-Xenon headlights enhance the driver's visibility at night. The safety features of the new S80 are way behind its previous lineup. As a fact, the safety features integrated to its that created a production coupe in 1985 are surpassed several folds.

The unpretentious Scandinavian style blended to the elegant, smart and luxurious auto parts and accessories made the Volvo S80 a desirable luxury car in the present milieu.