Chevrolet Silverado, Overhauled and Refined

by : Correy Putton

The old adage "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." does not belong to General Motors' auto philosophy. In fact, it has given its outstanding Chevrolet Silverado pickup a complete overhaul to compete more adeptly in the growing truck market.

The most apparent change to the Chevrolet Silverado is the brand new grille and its new headlights. Significant modifications are also made to to improve its aesthetic significance. It is always a risky business when an automaker decides on redesigning or overhauling its best-selling vehicle. However, General Motors is determined to take the risks to gain greater enthusiasts and eventually yield a larger slice of the automotive market.

"The new trucks convey power and strength with great refinement," said John Cafaro who is the design director of the company for full-size trucks. "There is a broad-shouldered, purposeful stance with the vehicles that speaks to the 'real truck' needs of customers."

Trucks are now more than just tools for towing and hauling hay bales on a farm. They have evolved to prove more than just that. Industry analysts said they have become another family vehicle. Most of these trucks available today come with comfortable seating for five or six people, luxurious amenities and a comfortable ride. These trucks combine utility and comfort without sacrificing functionality.

Aside from the Ford Motor Co., the maker of the best-selling Ford F-Series, General Motors is also famed for manufacturing tough and high-performance trucks. To compete tighter with Ford, Dodge and Toyota trucks, Chevrolet overhauled its Silverado. Though the Chevrolet Silverado is basically identical under the skin, the most obvious modification made to the overhauled version is on its exterior styling. The style is made bolder and more captivating by using unique grille, headlights, front fenders, hood and taillights. The grille is made wider. It is accented with a large gold Chevy bowtie in the center. Further, designers made it appear that headlights are wrapping the corners of the car.

Interior improvements are more obvious than exterior modifications. Improvements include the redesigned instrument panel and center console and lowered dashboard which provides more space. "These are the most quiet and refined pickup interiors in the industry," said Gary White, General Motors North America vice president and vehicle line executive for full-size trucks. "Our new Silverado and Sierra each offers a choice of two different interiors, reflecting the broad range of customers and uses of pickups today."

Basic "pure pickup" and premium are 2 different styles of the overhauled Chevrolet Silverado. Basic features include specific door panels with large door pull and release handles, unique gauges, two glove boxes a 6.1-liter storage console and a new underseat storage bin built into a new split-bench seat. On the other hand, the premium interiors are the rest of the changes done to GM's full-size SUVs. However, it is equipped with an even larger center console, power-adjustable heated bucket seats, leather seating surfaces, a leather-covered steering wheel and chrome trim.

The legroom, headroom and hip room of the vehicle are also refined. The recline angle and travel of the front seat has been increased, and power adjustable pedals are available, providing greater flexibility for drivers of varied statures. GM is expecting that the overhauled version of the pickup would perform better than the old version - profit-wise and more.