What Wheels or Rims are Best for you

by : Brian Roelle

The options for modding sports cars are numerous, you can add a body kit, engine modifications, exhaust upgrades, coil-over suspension but nothing compares to the selection you have for rims. Blazing the trail in the aftermarket parts business are the wheel manufacturers. These companies provide two different segments for your sports car. One segment is made up of affordably priced race inspired "tuner wheels". The second segment is filled by "racing wheels", which are performance driven and made for serious on-track competition. Both have their advantages, which is right for you?

Racing wheels The advantages generally result in a higher price tag that only the more serious racers can appreciate. Racing wheels are extremely light weight. The benefits from this reduction in weight are less rotating mass which makes it easier for your engine to turn them. Better suspension performance, your shocks will be able to react quicker to changing road conditions due to the lower rim weight. Expect better acceleration and you can also knock a little time off your ? mile. Racing wheels are made from the highest grades of aluminum and magnesium to prevent the wheel from flexing under extreme use, like hard cornering. Racing wheels are usually made in Japan where the standards for wheel production are much higher. This accounts for the added cost, but when you buy a true racing wheel, such as Velox Performanceâ„?, or Volkâ„?, You know your getting some of the best around.

Tuner wheels are best suited for daily drivers that want a racing-inspired look without the higher cost. These wheels are a little heavier so they can withstand the rougher roads without damage. Tuner wheels also come in many different finishes so you can match you're them to your rides theme, like chrome, silver, bronze, black, gunmetal, etc. Companies such as Hi-Performance Designsâ„?, Konigâ„? and Falkenâ„? make exceptional tuner wheels. They are available in many different styles to fit your individual taste. Tuner wheels on your ride will totally update the look of your ride, taking it from a passive import to a "mean machine" in no time.

Article by Madsci30 www.officialperformanceautostore.com