Car Theft: Ways To Stop It

by : Peter Mack

It's an amazing fact that 3 out of 4 car owners in the USA have not installed anything on their vehicle to prevent it from being stolen. That fact in itself says a lot about the state of security-mindedness among many vehicle owners.

But what might be more surprising, and in my view it is, is that of those vehicle owners who have installed some kind of anti-theft device, many don't even bother to actually activate it. This seems crazy.

Consider that car thieves have been around almost as long as there have been cars to steal, and yet the message that alarms and other devices can actually stop much car crime does not seem to have got through to many people. This is strange, since many of these devices are easy and relatively quick to install and not particularly expensive, especially when their overall effectiveness is considered in relation to the job at hand... which is to stop the theft and/or vandalism of the car.

So what are the best ways to stop a car from being stolen?

One of the best things to do, and the first line of defense, is to actually stop thieves from getting into the vehicle in the first place. And this can easily be achieved with a car alarm. These are among the most common of security installations in cars and other vehicles today. It's a simple device, and many question its usefulness. But a simple siren, and a very loud one at that (120 decibels is common) can do wonders in stopping a would-be thief.

Even better for the car owner is the fact that many modern, high-quality alarms will turn themselves on when the driver leaves the vehicle. This means there is no forgetting to arm the alarm (something which can be a problem, believe it or not).

So when deciding to protect your car, don't forget the obvious, and check out the great types of alarm available on the market today.