Cadillac Sts and Bls to be Showcased Geneva Auto Show

by : Lauren Woods

Cadillac has always been known for producing stylish and high performance luxury vehicles. And on the upcoming 2007 Geneva International Auto Show, Cadillac will once again show the motoring public what they are capable of bringing to the table. At the said event, they will be showcasing among others their new versions of the STS and the BLS models. The changes made to the two models for them to be more competitive in their class.

The current Cadillac STS is already a fine piece of work, thanks to its high performance drivetrain. From an engine that provides adequate power to the precision engineered transmission, the STS is already a favorite among sedan lovers. Aside from the high performance drivetrain, the Cadillac STS also offer intuitive technology. This means that the car can remember your personal preferences when you are behind the wheel or when you are driving. It also has been given the ability to actually respond to its owner's voice command which makes it one intelligent car. The driving experience aboard this car is also one of a kind thanks to its race track-tested suspension system. Entertainment is also not left to chance; with surround stereo this car gives the users great acoustic experience.

What Cadillac added to the STS is an all-wheel drive configuration which gives the car greater traction and stability. The four-wheel drive configuration complements the Northstar V8 engine that the STS sports. To facilitate the smooth transfer of the power generated by the massive V8 engine, a Hydra-Matic 6L50 six-speed transmission is coupled to the engine. The new gear box is available for all either AWD or RWD version of the STS. The transmission gives the STS a quick acceleration and at the same time provides overdrive. The overdrive capability of the gearbox increases the fuel efficiency of the sedan. If aftermarket products are used, like the system is used, the car's performance and fuel efficiency will be greater.

Cadillac also increased the range of the BLS and this gives their consumers a wider selection. The addition to the BLS packages is the BLS Sport which is given 18-inch wheels and has a lower suspension setting which gives it a sportier look. The chassis of the BLS is also enhanced to give drivers better handling performance but not sacrificing their comfort. The chassis was also designed to take advantage of the power generated by the BLS' engine.

The BLS is also configured to be a front wheel drive vehicle; this configuration allows the car to have outstanding handling capability. The BLS will be sporting an optional direct-injection common rail turbo-diesel engine. The diesel engine comes with a maintenance-free diesel particulate filter which reduces its emission. Aside from the diesel engine, consumers have a choice among gasoline engines rated at 175 hp, 210 hp, and 255 horsepower. All of these engines are designed to give adequate power to the car while being fuel efficient.

BLS models which are equipped with manual transmissions can only shift up to the sixth gear. While for those sporting an automatic gearbox, a Sport Mode button is provided to give the driver the ability to select a transmission shift pattern that suits him or her best.

The interior of the BLS is also given attention. Aluminum trims are used instead of wood. This gives the BLS a sportier look. The instrument panel is composed of circular instruments which are easily visible and readable. The black background contrasts the white numerals and red needles on the gauges. The steering wheel meanwhile is a three-spoke leather-wrapped affair designed ergonomically for better gripping of the wheel by the driver.