Free Ezine Advertising That Works!

by : Neil Moran

When I say free ezine advertising, I'm not talking about the free ezine ads that some publishers offer, this technique is FAR more powerful than that.

One of the best ways to get free traffic to your site, is to write articles for ezines.

Now before you shudder and click away, it isn't that hard to write a good article.

If you've got a bout of writers block, just search for info related to the subject you want to write about, then re-write it in YOUR OWN words and style, do not copy.

Your article needs to be around 500 - 700 words, with short paragraphs, 5 or 6 sentences.

DON'T try and disguise an advert as an article and forget about putting in your affiliate links, publishers will delete it straight away, if you want to use this approach to promote an affiliate program, you should really get your own domain as it looks more professional.

Once you have put your masterpiece together, leave it a day, then come back to it and re-read it, you'll be surprised what other nuggets of info pop out after a nights sleep, and how many errors seem to jump out at you.

When you're sure your article is ready, run it through a spell checker and format it to 55 - 60 characters per line so the publisher can just cut-n-paste into their ezine.

Don't forget to put your resource box at the bottom of the article! This is what's going to get you a ton of free traffic to your site after all.

Believe me folks, just one half decent article can get you alot of free traffic, I remember one article I wrote was published in a ezine that had a circulation of 500,000, if I wanted to pay for advertising in this particular ezine it would have cost me over $400!

Not only does this technique save you money, it also gives you credability, and alot of ezines turn your articles into web pages that will remain there for years to come.

Get published, get credibility, get free traffic for years to come! I think that's worth a little effort don't you?