The Baby Benz for the Masses

by : Dwyane Thomas

Performance, luxury, comfort and safety have never lost touch with the Mercedes Benz 190E series. Perhaps, it is without further ado that the Mercedes 190E is built with the kind of German craftsmanship that cater to the discriminating tastes of its customers. And much would be attributed to the Mercedes Benz 190E parts and accessories serving as the strong building blocks making up the Mercedes Benz 190E an icon of a compact sedan of today.

Unleashed during the 1980's, the Mercedes Benz 190E has a moniker of being the "Baby Benz" known for its compact structure. With its performance-inducing capabilities and competitive parts pricing, this Mercedes Benz E class has been catapulted to becoming the best-selling Benz model to ever hit the streets worldwide. Through the years, it has evolved through several engine equipment improvements. As the line comes in gasoline-engine and diesel form when it first came out, the Mercedes Benz 190E can produce a staggering 130 horsepower output until it raised the ante to 158 horsepowers in the 90's when it donned the 2.6-liter 6-cylinder engine which it borrowed from the midsize 260E sedan.

The "E" in the Mercedes Benz 190E stood for "Einspritzung," which is German for fuel injection, a very new feature at the time the "E" first appeared in the 1950's. It is famous both as luxury or executive transport, and as taxis in countries like Germany, Portugal and Singapore. In Germany, the E-Class is also commonly used as a police interceptor vehicle.

It may seem confusing but the Mercedes Benz 190E is different from the Mercedes Benz 190 released during the 50's. The Mercedes Benz 190 was in line with the 180 and 170, respectively. The Mercedes Benz 190 had an extension name SL which was produced until 1963. It enjoyed its share of glory days for its strong impact and avant-garde body styling with fashionable fins on the rear wings and overall squarer look. On the other hand, the Mercedes Benz 190E is built with a different outlook as aforementioned earlier.

Though Mercedes Benz 190E parts may cost considerably cheaper than other Benz models, still, there are Mercedes Benz 190E parts that cost higher and have low quality thanks to shoddy workmanship. Thus, they would cost as much as stock parts once replaced two or three times. Good thing there are choices abound that cost cheaper but perform just as efficient as stock ones, as well. Mercedes Benz 190E parts and accessories offer only a great deal of superior craftsmanship to maintain that high performance personality expected of the "Baby Benz."

From the engine system to the exhaust system, the Mercedes Benz 190E parts are built only with the finest materials and designed to withstand extreme conditions that could weather the ravages of time. Available either in the nearest auto dealerships or online through cyberspace, Mercedes Benz 190E parts and accessories are abound with instructional manuals for easy installation and various forms of warranties for utmost customer satisfaction. Bring performance at the disposal of the masses. The will be the carriers of that creed.