Volkswagen Sold 41,000 Tsi Engine Equipped Golf

by : Benjamin Hudson

The TSI engines with twin charging are renowned for providing maximum power at minimum fuel consumption. Three famous Volkswagen models make use of TSI engines namely: Golfs, Jettas, and Tourans. At present almost 41,000 Glofs, Jettas and Tourans have been delivered with TSI engines.

There are currently two versions of this engine---equipped with both supercharger and a turbocharger. These two TSI engine versions develop 103 kW (140 PS or 138 bhp) and 125 KW (170 PS or 168 bhp) respectively.

The surprising thing about the Jetta, Golf and Touran TSI with 140 PS is that the fuel economy and CO2 emissions that they produce are comparable only to those of 80 PS versions-not leaving the fact that the Jetta, Golf and Touran offer better driving performance.

The Golf Estate is the newest model equipped with the TSI engine and it will be launch in Germany this coming June. Initially the Golf Estate will be powered by a 140 TSI engine which will be upgraded after to 170 PS TSI.

The other Volkswagen models that have the TSI engines include Golf, Golf Plus, CrossGOlf, Jetta, and Touran. And by the end of this year, the new Tiguan will also have a version of the TSI engine. Europe's largest automaker is also testing a natural gas powered TSI on a Passat which simply goes to show the great potential of this unique new economical and powerful engine generation.

The key element to the TSI engine is downsizing. The displacement of the engine is frozen or even reduced resulting from the clever charging system which guarantees clean thrusts and low cost. To illustrate, say a Touran with 140 PS TSI consumes only 7.4 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers which translate to about 38 mpg. This is also one of the reasons why almost ten percent of all the present generation Tourans are being ordered with TSI engines.

The TSI engines designed for the Touran is built in the German engine factory in Chemnitz and offered for about 1,600 euros less than the diesel engines of comparable power. For the Golf, the TSI offers a price advantage of up to 2,500 euros.

Last 2006 the new powertrain era of the TSI engine began and since then the TSI badge has developed into a synonym for torquey, economical VW engines same with the previous engines that comes before it namely the TDI, FSI and the TFSI.

The Golf GT was the first Volkswagen car equipped with the TSI. Similarly the Golf GTI was also given the TSI engine revving 170 PS output and 240 Newton meters of torque with an average fuel economy of 7.2 liters per 100 km. The sporty Golf need only 7.9 seconds to break the 100 kilometer per hour mark from a standing start. Its top speed is 220 kilometers per hour.

The six-speed manual gearbox is a standard in the Golf GT while the innovative dual clutch gearbox DSG is offered as an option for all other TSI models.

And lastly with the TSI engine, Volkswagen maker of quality has proven that economy, sovereignty, and sportiness are possible to combine in a vehicle. And VW has proven that when it launches its TSI engine equipped Golf, Golf Plus, CrossGOlf, Jetta, and Touran.