Daimlerchrysler India to Offer Latest Edition S-class Diesel

by : Dwyane Thomas

In the news: DaimlerChrysler India subsidiary and dealer of various DaimlerChrysler products such as Mercedes ML parts --- has announced recently the launching of their latest edition S-Class diesel namely the S 320 CDi L, and the premium Mercedes-Benz CL-Class, for the Indian market at the Brand Showcase in Mumbai. The unveiling was headed by managing Director and CEO of DaimlerChrysler India Dr. Wilfrieid Aulbur together with Director for Corporate Affairs & Finance Mr. Suhas Kadlaskar and Director of Sales and Marketing, Mr. Sanjiv Sahaiwala. Another presentation is to be organized at Delhi, Chennai & Hyderabad over the coming weeks.

The brand will also showcase the complete range of Mercedes Benz cars in India with the debutante S-Class and CL-Class together with other products such as the E-Class, C-Class and the full range of completely built imported range which include the SLK-Class, CLS-Class and the M-Class. The stately Maybach will also be included in the presentation of Mercedes products.

According to Dr. Wilfred Aulbur, "The idea of the Brand Showcase is to share our enthusiasm about growth and direction of the company- and to interact with our friends, customers and media in their home-cities. We are committed to offer our customers the latest products in the least possible time. A very good example of this is our introduction of the new S-320CDI L and the fantastic luxury coupe, the CL class."

Sustained by the strong sales growth in 2006, DaimlerChrysler India is hoping to an even more significant sales outlook for 2007 powered by a comprehensive portfolio of products, strong traction with local markets and a well-established sales-service network. To further assists the company's India operations, DaimlerChrysler has signed a MoU with the government of Maharastra for a new plant at the Chakan area in Pune which indicates a brighter future for the company.

DaimlerChrysler is the sole automobile company in India that has completed the ISO9001:2000 certification for its entire dealer network. For the past few years Mercedes-Benz has been attracting younger customers in India such as young entrepreneurs, IT professionals and businessmen who are fascinated by the Mercedes brand.

Similarly there are also demands coming from the non-metro cities and according to Mr. Suhas Kadlaskar, "To satisfy the aspirations of our customers, we now have easy vehicle loan schemes with longer pay-outs which effectively mean that possessing a Mercedes-Benz is within-reach of our aspiring customers."

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class for more than five decades has featured intelligent technology and highest quality. The S 320CDi L in particular has not only continues this tradition but has also given it a new meaning. Similar to its predecessors, the debutantes will showcase technical innovations that would make the flagship Mercedes-Benz as leader for others to emulate.

As expected the S 320 CDi L's safety features and unmatched comfort makes this model a standout. Thanks to the powerful engine of Mercedes Benz, the new S 320 CDi L offer agile handling and effortless driving experience. It is also becoming the new leader in the luxury class with at least 500,000 units sold all over the world.

Another masterpiece of Mercedes-Benz the CL-Class is making waves. The CL-Class is a luxury coupe that is said to direct the way to the future with its innovative technology. Its design embodies the new Mercedes style which is characterized by the interplay of taut, striking lines and large, tranquil surfaces. Such design provides the coupe with calm and at the same time strong sense of character.