Ford Offers "green" Police Cruisers

by : Lauren Woods

The Bush's administration's aim to reduce gas consumption by twenty percent in the next ten years has prompted car manufacturers to develop and produce green cars. The Ford Motor Company is one of the car manufacturers leading the way in the production of alternative fuel vehicles. Recently, the Dearborn based auto manufacturer announced that they will be producing an alternative fuel powered Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor for the 2008 model year.

Currently, the Ford Motor Company is the largest manufacturer of police vehicles in the United States. More than 80 percent of police vehicle in operation today came from Ford. And this may still increase as government agencies move to increase their fleet's fuel efficiency. To support the president's "Twenty in Ten" goal, government fleets are subscribing to flex fuel vehicles, and the 2008 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor is one of the most promising choices.

Ford will produce a Crown Victoria which can run on gasoline or a combination of both conventional gasoline and bio-ethanol.

Gerald Koss, the Fleet Marketing Manager for Ford, has this to say: "The ability to offer an E85 capable vehicle to our police customers is significant. Many municipalities and states across the country are encouraging, if not mandating, that their police and other government fleet vehicles begin using alternative sources of fuel. We can now help our police fleet customers achieve this goal."

The introduction of the alternative fuel police vehicle will definitely help the nation's battle against the threat of global warming. These vehicles will reduce the amount of gasoline consumed by the fleet. The only problem faced by these vehicles is the limited number of refueling stations which provides E85 fuel for those who need it. These vehicles though can be configured to run more efficiently on gasoline with aftermarket parts such as a

Aside from the forthcoming alternative fuel police vehicle, Ford also announced that they can now sell flex fuel vehicles all around the country. Following a 50-state certification for their flex fuel vehicles, Ford is now permitted to sell their green cars on any state in the country. The certification means that the company's alternative fuel vehicles met emission standards which have been set by the different states of the country. This means that Ford will now have a larger market for their flex fuel vehicles.

And as the demand for fuel efficient vehicles increases, this would translate to higher sales for the second largest U.S. car manufacturer. This development can help the company since they have been experiencing their worst problems in their entire history in the industry. The company's current lineup of alternative fuel vehicles includes the Ford F-150, the Crown Victoria and the Grand Marquis under the Mercury brand.