Lamborghini Murcielago Took Its First Win at Fia Gt

by : Benjamin Hudson

The 2007 season of the FIA GT Championship was indeed a very good start for the Racing team. Christophe Bouchut and Stefan MÃ?cke started the season with the first ever FIA GT victory for Lamborghini Murcielago that took place at the Zhuhai International Circuit in Guangdong Province in China.

With more than 22,000 spectators watching at the Zhuhai grandstand, the race was exciting and breathtaking with newly implemented two-hour format. At the start, the BMS Scuderia Italia Porsche 997 GT3 RSR led the race track. However, due to some car problems and the ground clearance, the car was surpassed by two AF Corse Motorola Ferrari race cars with Dirk MÃ?ller and Toni Vilander on board.

After the FIA GT Championship race, obtaining the fastest lap, and giving the Lamborghini Murcielago its first ever win, The French driver Christophe Bouchut commented: "This victory is important for Hans Reiter, for our sponsor All Inkl and for Lamborghini. I have worked a lot to develop this car, and I really wanted to give to Lamborghini this first win. Winning was one of our goal this season, we did it here in Zhuhai, for the first race. It is great for the team and for all the people who have worked hard."

Aboard the Lamborghini Murcielago with turn signal lights similar to , Christophe Bouchut exclaims about his success at the FIA GT Championship. He added:

"This is a great moment. Honestly, this is my best victory in the FIA GT Championship. When the Safety Car came, we had to wait around 4 laps before calling Stefan to the pits, in order to give him 35 minutes in the car. Then all the others pitted later than us, so I was first at the restart. I thought that the others would come back quickly, so I decided to do the last 10 laps flat out. Until the finish I was driving over the limit, and I discovered that the car has an interesting potential when you push it over the limit. It is going to be more difficult at Silverstone, but I tell you, we will win again this year!"

The FIA GT Championship at Zhuhai International Circuit marked a very good start for Stefan MÃ?cke's GT career. He also commented: "Unbelievable - I still can t quite believe it!" the German driver said afterwards. It was a great feeling to be on the top of the podium and hear the national anthem."

Meanwhile, Dirk Muller, driver of the AF Corce Motorola Ferrari 430 GT2 said:

"It is a really good start to the season. Pole position yesterday, fastest in my stint and the victory - it couldn't really be better. I knew that it was going to be tight, and it was."