How Laws of this Universe can Skyrocket your Sales...

by : Yeo Feng

Most people follow a fixed formula for selling online. They create a product, try fervently to market it and then get frustrated at the results. If you happen to fall into this same pothole, do not get frustrated because you're not alone! In fact, hundreds to thousands of products and websites every year never earn any money, and the creators of these products have to end up paying advertisers exorbitant fees which only result in low click through rates.

Thus one of the questions I get asked very often is, 'Yeo, is it possible to make an honest living online?' Absolutely yes! I can not only show you how to make an honest living, but a good living as well! After all, the Internet is as legitimate a media as any other, just as the television, newspaper or convention brick and mortar storefronts are.

If that's the case, what are these people doing wrong?

To answer this question I studied literally thousands of marketing websites to find out their marketing techniques used. I made notes of their sales techniques, tactics and the way they handled customers. Then one simple fact dawned on me. Many people were violating the laws of the universe. Quite simply, they were trying to make millions even before they have made thousands.

Laws of this universe do not only apply to the field of Internet marketing. They apply to virtually anything you do - studying, working, learning a new subject and so on. You reap what you sow, and in order to get results, you got to make sure that proper energy is channeled into it! Most people, however do not realize this simple fact.

So how do you 'channel energy' into your website? I cover 6 fundamental ways.

You may be paying advertisers hundreds or thousands of dollars for traffic, but are you attracting the right kind of customers? Many web marketers are 'greedy' and want to use a 'catch all' technique to get many diverse visitors, hoping that some of them will eventually purchase their products. Don't fall into this pothole. Advertise to a highly targeted audience and you will be assured of higher conversion rates.

You may have thousands of hits on your website everyday, but do you have a compelling sales reason or strong enough a reason to get customers to buy? Channel your energy into creating what I call the ULTIMATE sales page, spend your time crafting each component, each word to make sure that they influence your buyers instead of simple getting lots of traffic and not knowing what to do with it.

Is your sales pitch well written? Most people spend so much energy advertising they're wasting it! You need to spend some time writing a good sales pitch. Every copy I do is usually revised 3 or 4 times based on the conversion ratios tracked, and I study the psychological factors that cause visitors to actually purchase my products. Are you doing the same thing?

Is your product worth the asking price? Most people ask for exorbitant prices. Never sell something for $2 when you can for $1. Basic laws of Economics tells us that people will never pay more than the satisfaction they can derive for a good. So make sure you price the product right. Price it too high and it might just become and inhibiting factor to hurt sales.

Is your website attractive, easy to read? People will only stay on a site if it interests them, and if something captures their attention. Is your site designed with the user in mind, fast loading and clean?

Do you have a complete idea of your ideal customer? Try and build up a picture of your ideal customer - Think of what he / she likes to do in his spare time, what problems will they have, what are their hobbies, what are their lives like...and then market with them in mind. Remember that targeted marketing is better for specialized products.

Simple as they might sound, but most people fail to notice the importance of marketing at its source, your sales pitch and website. So with my 6 pointers in mind, go and tighten your sales website, do something about it... I'm confident that you will notice a difference in sales.

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