Getting a New Car Vs. your Old One

by : Jerick Brooks

To some, it may be inevitable that their Acura car repair and maintenance costs are already too high. There are several factors affecting this situation. It could be that the primary reasons for these costs are the . But an evaluation process can help in determining whether to buy a new one or continue repairing the old one.

First things first; by yourself, perform an evaluation of your vehicle. Check the brakes, vehicle pull, automatic shifting, manual shifting, oil or fluid leaks, accessories, upholstery, inside trunk, wheel wells, under hood, tires, etc. If most are still functioning well, it means it is not yet time to replace your Acura car.

The next process is the determination of what future maintenance cost will or could be incurred when you buy a new one. Take your car to the mechanic and pay them to inspect all the items. The cost of these inspections should be fairly inexpensive, and the information they will provide will be more than worth the expense. Add up all recommended repair costs plus all previous repairs during the year. Divide this number by 12 to determine your average repair cost for the given year. However, this number will not include any breakdown or unexpected repairs.

Then, know the cost of your car. Trading in your vehicle for a new car is the easiest, but it will not bring in the most money for you. Compare properly the cost of your old car plus its maintenance cost and the cost of the new one you are about to buy plus the car's "would be" maintenance cost.

When finally decided to buy a new car, in place of the old one, there are things to consider.

One is the used cars' history reports. Never buy a used car without knowing its history reports such as accidents incurred, repairs, and damages even the minor ones. These might be a big reason for a high car maintenance cost when the car is already in your procession.

Another thing to keep in mind is the extended warranties or service contracts. If you're shopping for new or used cars, you can protect yourself against most major repair bills by purchasing a car with good extended warranty. But don't pay those high dealership prices just to get a little peace of mind! If you already bought new or used cars without getting an extended warranty, you can still purchase one as long as the vehicle is within certain mileage limits. Vehicles that are still covered by the manufacturer's original warranty usually qualify for new car rates; vehicles with expired warranties are all rated as used cars.