Buying Suvs From Car Dealers

by : Jerick Brooks

When you finally decide to buy a new SUV in replace for your old one, say you would want to replace your Acura RDX or Acura MDX, because the is not functioning well despite several maintenance and repair strategies, consider car buying tips that would not be costly on your part.

Make some researches. After narrowing down your choices of vehicles, research their prices on popular sites like Kellys Blue Book, Edmunds, Yahoo Auto Finance, etc. Doing this will help you decide properly as to which car is within the reach of your capacity to pay.

Test Drive the car you are planning to buy. Make sure before you start negotiating on pricing, you test drive the vehicle you want to purchase. This will help you further negotiate the price.

Test drive during day time to inspect well the car inside and out. Also a good way to test is through taking it on a road where there is less traffic noise.

Then, negotiate. Do not let the car dealer know you have done some researches on the prices of different cars because they will an immediate idea as to how price your chosen car. Let the dealer first give a price, then, try to narrow it down.

Financing is the next step. The car dealer might take you to the finance manager and they might tell you they deal with you're bank and will get you the best possible rate. That is certainly not reliable. A bank does not deal with dealers. So the best way is to see first a bank representative before stating the financing scheme for the new car and inform them you will be making a car deal and you alone will be making the deal.

If you are considering trading your old vehicle in for the new SUV, don't let the dealer know that upfront. Negotiate your price for the car you want first, and then at the end of the discussion, trade in.

Remember the dealer doesn't sell at a loss. Don't feel guilty or let the dealer make you feel guilty in any way.

If you are really economizing, do not buy those "add ons". These are extended warranties and car accessories. You can use you car even without those. But, if in case your financial capacity already permits you, then buy those. After all, those add the luxury and the personality of your car.