Nissan Versa: Auto Basic

by : RyanThomas

Nissan, in the past, has been known for producing cars loaded with the most advanced features. There were times before that even Honda and Toyota are shadowed by Nissan in terms of the number of technologically advanced features that their cars are equipped with.

Recently though, Nissan has been overtaken by Honda and Toyota not only in sales but also in the sophistication of their vehicles' in-car gadgets. One of the most notable Nissan model lacking any semblance of high-tech features is the Versa - Nissan's entry to the compact car market. While the Versa may lack high-end features, it is designed to provide basic transportation features.

One of the most notable features that the Versa has is the six-speed automatic transmission. Precision engineered, the transmission provides the smooth flow of power from the Versa's relatively small engine to its drive wheels. Nissan also offers the continuously variable transmission (or the CVT) for the Versa. This means that the Versa has good fuel efficiency as less power is wasted as it travels from the engine to the drive wheels.

Aside from the six-speed automatic transmission, the Nissan Versa can come with a four-speed automatic transmission. Both gear boxes offer good gear ratios making the Versa one of the gentlest small cars to be driven to your chosen destinations.

The Nissan Versa's small engine provides good acceleration with the help of the six-speed automatic transmission. During a test, the Versa proved to be a worthwhile driving companion. The first gear of the transmission allows the vehicle to be driven up to speeds of 30 miles per hour before redlining. On the second gear, the Versa can go to 50 miles per hour before it begs the driver to shift gears. The first and second gear provides a good distance between the gear ratio so as to ensure that the vehicle will be able to move smoothly from first to second gear without even a hint of gear clashing. With the transmission and the engine working together perfectly, the Versa can reach its cruising speed of 80 miles per hour.

While devoid of any technologically advanced features but only a relatively small engine, not even a is integrated to it, the Nissan Versa is considered as one of the most powerful in its class. The power of the Versa comes from a 1.8-liter engine that is very capable of producing 122 horsepower. This power is put to good use since the Versa is by no means a small vehicle. Standing at over 60 inches tall, the Versa is taller than the majority of full-size sedan.

The scarcity of technologically advanced features of the Versa is even more evident in the absence of the advanced braking systems although it comes with standard anti-lock braking system, brake assist, and the electronic brake force distribution. While there is room for improvement for the Versa in terms of in-car gadgets, it is already one of the best choices in its class thanks to it overall good performance.