Most Wanted Wagons Named

by : Lauren Woods, the leading online source of auto information, has done it again. The company has once again made waves in the auto industry by releasing its list of most wanted vehicles for the 2007 model year. The list is headlined by the Toyota Tundra being named as the "Most Significant Vehicle of the Year". Consistently providing consumers with comprehensive auto buying information, Edmunds also named the most wanted wagons for the 2007 model year. The list is aimed to help families find the best deal for their money. To make the list more useful to car buyers, Edmunds provided different price categories and named the most wanted wagon in each given price range.

For the wagon under $15,000 price category, Edmunds picked the 2007 Kia Rio5. This wagon version of the low-priced yet high quality Kia Rio joined its sedan version as most wanted vehicle in its class. pointed out that the Kia Rio5 may not be a big threat to cars above it in the price range, the wagon has a pleasing personality which drivers are looking for. The Rio5's strongest selling point is, of course, its price, but for the low price that consumers will shell out for this wagon, they will be rewarded with useful features and good ride comfort.

The Kia Rio5's power comes from a 110 horsepower engine capable of providing boost when needed. For motorists looking to improve the wagon's power output, aftermarket parts such as systems are an option.

The Mazda 3 is also named as one of the most wanted wagons for this model year. The Asian wagon bagged the distinction for the wagon under $20,000 price category. The Mazda 3's popularity comes as no surprise since it has been receiving praise fro auto experts since it was introduced in the market. According to, "It (Mazda 3) has exceptional handling, spirited engines, powerful brakes, upscale styling (inside and out) and excellent build and materials quality. Its performance and composure make for a fun ride, especially for a small wagon."

With the Mazda 3 increasing its popularity among car buyers, the car company sees it fit to create a sportier version of it and that version comes in the form of the Mazdaspeed 3. For consumers who love the Mazda 3, its new version will be a totally new experience.

For the wagon under $30,000 price category, named the 2007 Dodge Magnum as the most wanted wagon. The sleek and stylish Magnum is seen as one of the reasons for the revival of the wagon segment. With its powerful engine and Mercedes-influenced style cues, it comes as no surprise that the Magnum is so popular among car buyers. Aside from its exterior and interior appeal, it is also loaded with advanced features from entertainment to safety.

Another strong point for the wagon is that it borders on the muscle car domain. This is because a powerful HEMI V8 engine is a given option for the Magnum and that power source is capable of producing 340 horsepower. Furthermore, an engine capable of producing 425 horsepower is included as an option - surely that much power is more than enough for a family vehicle.

The Audi A4 is Edmunds' pick for the most wanted wagon distinction in the wagon under $40,000 price category. Last year, the A4 sits at the top of the category and it has come back this year to win it again. One of its most notable features is the Quattro drive that Audi has been integrating on their vehicles. The all-wheel drive configuration gives the A4 a good handling and a real exceptional ride comfort. Of course, Audi's penchant for luxurious interior styling is evident in the A4. With good balance of power, performance and luxury, the A4 looks to dominate the category.

For the wagon over $40,000, Edmunds chose the Mercedes-Benz E Class. The most wanted and the most expensive wagon is the luxurious fruit of German engineering. Its stylish exterior and luxurious and roomy interior complemented with safety features makes the E Class the leading vehicle in its category. The power of the base model of this luxurious wagon comes from a 3.5-liter, 24-valve V6 engine. The engine can produce as much as 268 horsepower and it is transferred to the drive wheels via a five-speed automatic gear box.