Good for Bentley, Bad for Paris Hilton

by : Benjamin Hudson

What happens when you turn down a Bentley GTC Limited Edition? You get cursed and go to jail like the branded notorious hotel heiress and Simple Life diva, Paris Hilton. Just kidding, Bentley GTC--- which is by the way the masterpiece of Bentley Motors Limited, the subsidiary of Volkswagen, producer of high quality --- has nothing to do with it.

As a matter of fact some people think that it's just right that Ms. Hilton refused the Limited Edition Bentley since it's now owned by a more "responsible" owner - Puspa Portier, the wife of a romantic Dubai businessman, Glenn Portier.

The hotel heiress and branded DUI princess was ordered to spend 45 days in jail. The order came after a Los Angeles judge ruled Ms. Hilton for violating her probation relating to alcohol-related reckless driving.

According to Superior Court Judge Michael Sauer, he believes that the 26-year-old Simple Life diva has intentionally disobeyed the law by driving while her license was suspended. Judge Sauer has ordered Ms. Hilton to report to jail on June 5. Judge Sauer further stated, "I think she has wanted to disregard everything that was said and continued to drive no matter what. The probation is revoked. Forty-five days in jail."

Judge Sauer has come up with his decision after a two-hour hearing wherein Ms. Hilton has pleaded that she was unaware that her driving privileges had been suspended when she was pulled over for driving without headlights last February 27.

The hotel heiress even put the blame on her publicist by saying that Elliot Mintz has told her that she was permitted to drive for work-related reasons. Ms Hilton told the judge, "I did not want to break the law. I did what I was told. I would never drive just because I want to. I follow the law and I respect the law. From now on I want to pay complete attention to everything. I just want to say I'm sorry."

The judge however was not convinced by Ms. Hilton's alibi and said that he believes that the hotel heiress is very much aware of her driving restrictions and added that Paris has chosen to completely ignore the notice given to her by a police officer that she had signed during an earlier traffic stop last January which notifies her regarding her suspended license.

The whole court drama has brought Hilton's mother Ms. Kathy to yell at the prosecutor saying "you're pathetic".

Attorney Howard Weitzman, lawyer of Ms. Hilton said that the decision was unfair since it singled out Paris for being a celebrity. He also said, "To sentence Paris Hilton to 45 days in jail is inappropriate and borders on ludicrous. It is clear that she has been selectively targeted for prosecution for who she is. I think she was honest in her testimony. We do intend to appeal to the judge and to a higher court to modify the sentence."

Ms. Hilton was placed on three years probation earlier this year for pleading no contest which is equivalent by the way to a guilty plea. This is in relation to the alcohol-related reckless driving after a September 2006 arrest in Hollywood. As though she has not learned from previous mistakes, in late February she did it again. She was pulled over on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood for driving without headlights. She was driving a $190,000 blue Bentley that was impounded by the police. It was also during that incident when she was discovered to be driving on a suspended license.