The New Opela Agila: a Tribute to the Women of Today

by : Evander Klum

For so long cars have been associated with men and very seldom with women. The only time that you can see women was during car shows since they were made to model these supposedly 'men' cars. But times are changing and women's choices are finally being heard and are given their due importance.

When it comes to car it would be surprising to note that what men think is relevant in choosing a car is not far from what women think is important for them in purchasing their own car. If men prefer stylish car so do women but with something else---style should be coupled with utility, endurance, performance, and above should be easy to drive, park, and maneuver.

Most automakers today are targeting women buyers. They have realized that women can also drive and that they do not always prefer to be the passenger. And one of these automakers is General Motors; its Opela Agila was especially designed with women drivers in mind.

The Opela Agila is a stylish urban car made compact and easy to maneuver even on tight parking spaces its interior is spacious enough to accommodate bulky sport and hobby gear. It also possesses enough seats to allow family and friends to enjoy the ride.

Even with its compact length of 3.74 meters, the new Agila still provides room for five passengers and offer easy access through the four doors. Again since it's basically designed for women, the Agila was given a fresh interior and exterior color collection, versatile storage compartments and spacious headroom that project a comfortable ambience.

The Opeal Agila provides a pleasurable driving experience courtesy by some enhanced details such as the separate rev counter on the instrument panel, remote controls on the steering wheel for the radio, and the high placed gear stick. To provide easy access and better visibility, the Agila is equipped with high seats.

The rear seats may be folded down to create completely flat load floor and the compartment beneath provides it with additional storage room. The Agila has a total luggage capacity of more than 1100 liters which is accessible through its large trunk lid which is considered to be the top figure for this segment. The new Agila also comes with a safety package consisting of four airbags as well as optional Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and head curtain airbags.

The Agila is equipped with two new gasoline engines and a top-of-the-line common-rail diesel for high pulling power that is combined with low emissions. And as an alternative to the standard manual transmission, an automatic gearbox was also made available, considered to be a distinctive feature for this class. The second-generation Opeal Agila is scheduled to make its world premier at the IAA in Frankfurt on September 13-23, 2007 and will be made available to dealerships next spring.

GM designers and engineers have also left room for customization in case women drivers would want to add some aftermarket parts and accessories such as which are not only very useful but also enhance the style and design of the car's interior.