About Ferrari Enzo

by : Marian H

Ferrari always used racetracks for testing new concepts, cars and technology in their race cars and after few years these cars and technologies appeared on the roads. So it is a new Ferrari Enzo, a pure sports car named after ferrari company founder - . He felt that best road sports cars should be created from race cars. New Enzo has all its technology from F1 racing. There were used advanced composite materials for bodywork. Some of it parts are made of carbon fibre sandvich panels and Nomex. These materials helped designers to create a fantastic style while they were able to keep its weight to minimum. Aero dynamics were made to meet tough criteria to be able to maintain a very high top speed of 350km/h and over, so they had to increase a downforce of the car. Enzos engine is 12 cylinder with a capacity of 5,998 cc. The goals set for this engine were met fully and now it supplies a blend of high power and torque from low speed. It is possible to keep a power of 110bhp/litre out of the engine. The enzo chassis is built of carbon fibre and aluminium sandwich panels. Torsion ridigity was proven to be higher than it was targeted.Also chassis weight is decreased considerably to 92 kg. Compared to the previous composite model of F50 which was 102 kg. The new Ferrari Enzo was given an independent rear and front suspension with double wish bones and geometries and adaptive set up. Braking system is by Brembo.