Clean Brazilian Cars to Take on US Auto Industry

by : Anthony Fontanelle

The United States auto industry would soon be opening its gates to a new line of environmentally friendly vehicles. You see, Obvio ! Automotoveiculos S.A. of Brazil would be entering the mentioned market bringing with it one of its newest and greenest models.

According to Obvio !, this new vehicle of theirs would be helping out the environment that much. They also do boast that their environment-friendly vehicle that would enter the market would be able to provide a high performance, the best kind of safety, and would bring with it tailpipe emissions that have been neutralized by carbon. The company also did mention that the whole environmentally friendly idea did get some help from Cantor CO2e which is one financial company.

The vehicles from Obvio ! are known to be quite revolutionary. They are also mentioned to be one of the best solutions to keeping global warming at bay. You see, these vehicles from the Brazilian auto maker have been manufactured with the environment in mind. The processes used to make the vehicle into something ready for the market are known as "advanced environmental manufacturing processes" and they do contribute in harming the environment more.

Also, the fuel used by the environmentally friendly Obvio ! vehicles do make use of gasoline, ethanol, or natural gas. In fact, the vehicles could run on any kind of combination of the mentioned fuel types. Although there are already rumors roaming around saying that Obvio ! is already currently working on creating a new set of vehicles that would run on pure electricity only. Sure enough, Obvio ! seems to be unstoppable on its way up that even those high quality would have a hard time slowing down Obvio !'s ascent.

Interestingly, the company also did mention that for each unit sold, a portion of the whole price would be set aside and would be later on used as funding to lessen off its carbon footprints. "Obvio ! has committed that the fund will contribute to environmentally sustainable projects designed to offset carbon emissions associated with the company, whether in communities near the factory, along distribution and supply routes, or after the car is on the road," says Ricardo Machado, the CEO for the company.