Staying Safe - in Car Technology to Keep you Safe

by : Scott James

We hear a lot about safety nowadays and rightly so. Hardly a day goes by without, us members of the general public being exposed to one photographic horror story after another about carnage on our roads. Now this article is not meant to act as a criticism for any of these campaigns, I think actually they serve an immensely useful purpose but it would appear possibly that we perhaps spend an inordinate time on external factors and ignore in car factors when it comes to safety.

If we take a look at safety kit for cars than there are possibly several different types off the safety kit and technology that are worth looking at.

Firstly, traction and stability control. Well folks it goes without saying best way to survive an accident is to try and avoid having it in the first place. Sounds common sense? Of course it does in this case, we are thinking in terms of all traction and stability control. Traction control is there in cars to assist us when things go all pear-shaped on slippery surfaces about stability control, also known as ESP actually goes further. It is almost a case off the car taking complete control. It does this by comparing and analyzing the path and the direction that the car is moving in whilst under control off the driver and if there is a major discrepancy between the two, what do you know the car takes over and slows the car by breaking one or more wheels, reducing engine power or any combination of the two.

The second piece of technology that is worth looking at off breaking aids. By this I mean anti-lock breaks which are now standard on new cars. The ease use a system which in turn uses a series of sensors to prevent the cars wheels locking out or up or under breaking leading to a skid. Basically they enable a driver to continue steering and remain in control of the car while breaking hard in an incident and not losing control of the car.

Next we look at adaptive cruise control. The best cruise control management systems in cars don't just help you maintain a constant speed without any pressure from you on the accelerator and they can also analyze the distances between you and the car in front meaning that if you come too close to the caught in front the system will immediately slow the speed of your call to compensate and maintain the correct distance between you and the car in front. Get this; there are some systems that even talk to the driver. Wow that's all we need is a car that talks back.

The thing that you have to remember with all of these technological systems is that they calmed completely prevent accidents but what they can do is reduce the severity of those accidents.

You will find that while a human remains in control or has a controlling influence on the control of a car quite honestly there is always the possibility of something random happening no matter how experienced or how good the driver is.

All you can try and do is try and minimize the effects and that is what some of these systems do.