Prestige Cars - Flaunt your Style

by : Lance Dixon

For thousands of people around the world owning a car has always been a dream. Though the dynamics of today’s society have changed a lot and owning a car has almost become a necessity more than a luxury, still there are some cars which are the objects of fantasy for a many of us. We know such cars by several names as luxury cars or premium cars or better still prestige cars. Owning one is a matter of pride and here we are to tell you, why it is exactly so.

Firstly a little background check, prestige cars are in theory a little different from luxury cars. Though they are worth a lot more than a standard vehicle just like the latter, at times they do not have all the facilities to make them the so called “luxury cars”. At the same time, there may be cars that do offer a lot of amenities but still be not be considered as luxury cars, as they cost relatively lower than the normally considered luxury cars.

The prestige cars are manufactured in limited numbers to retain their exclusivity, which automatically makes them more valuable. Many prestige cars may be simple plain cars or mostly SUVS (Sports Utility Vehicles). These cars focus a lot on the way they look and appear and perform equally well. Some of these cars are deliberately designed to look traditional to please those with conservative tastes.

As they say, ‘Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’, but prestige cars are such that they enchant any one who sights them even for a jiffy. They have an aura about them that you cannot miss being captivated by them. The design of any car is of prime importance, as it is that which casts a good first impression on its potential buyers. Flattering curves, catchy colors, sturdy but sleek built and an overall classy look make a prestige car your neighbors envy! These cars have ample space to make you feel comfortable and give you the much-needed privacy. They do give you a space to call your own! Prestige car models may have different interiors as per the consumers’ convenience and taste. Besides the normal features that make a good car, some of these cars offer a few of these facilities that are way more than what you would have ever asked for-Safety features like several front and side airbags, well-equipped first aid and tool kits, bulletproof glass windows, tinted windows for more privacy, facilities to detect obstacles that will avoid accidents and even easy accessibility in dim-lit/night conditions, good grip of the tires avoiding skidding, anti-lock brakes, powerful engines, cars that run on very less fuel, seats adjustable to suit your posture, smooth drive, very accessible interiors where you will find everything where you wished it was placed, heaters for winter, enough space for the people sitting at the back to stretch their legs, plenty of cup/glass holders, interiors and seats made with the finest quality materials, and technology that you would have only read about before owning one of these cars.

It is not only the comfort attribute that makes the prestige cars so special. It is also about the way they conserve energy and help to keep the environment safe and healthy. For instance some prestige cars use solar energy to their maximum benefit. This energy then can be used to power the different electronic gadgets that function inside the car like stereos, lights and air conditioners, automatic doors and windows, etc, when the car is not functional. There is also a GPS system installed in many cars, which will never allow you to get lost!

These cars definitely define your status, but before jumping into buying one, there are a few things one should know and understand. Prestige cars being highly sort after require a significant investment when compared to your standard vehicle. At the same time the new owner must be prepared to protect their investment by having it serviced by qualified dealers. The spare parts may not be readily available in the market and the usual garage repairing methods may not be sufficient for them. Such cars initially, even take a lot of practice and time to drive and to get familiar with. But once you know your car like your baby, be assured to have the ride of your life! Almost all prestige car dealers let you take control of the vehicle and test drive it before you can decide which one is the best for you. For if you do not try it, how will you know it?

So if speed is your fodder, comfort your weakness, if money is the last hindrance and all you ever dreamt of was owning such an elegant and exuberant piece of beauty, a prestige car is beckoning you with open arms-go have a treat……