Driving Report Saab 9-3 2.0t: on the Search for the Own I

by : Vladimir Melnikoff

Saab, was considered in former times as car to individualists. Humans, to stand out want from the mass, away by auto+mobile unit mash, from hard, Swedish steel built for the eternity.

With the assumption the image crumbled to the mark by general of engine somewhat, besides it does not make the small model pallet Sweden easily to become generally accepted on the hard Premiummarkt in Germany. But the 9-3 still certain the something has, even if the sedan does not near-hand to the modern Design of the combination.
Rattle-freely and pleasantly...

Saab will do probably without the key pit in the center console never - well so. Also the self-willed drawn instrument panel, felt substantial like a bloom, has style and remains rattle-free also on bad distances. The materials were refined in the process of the years, do not approach however to the finish of the German competition. The clear Design, which makes the operation the children's game, is pleasant. Also the Night panel, with which all instruments up to the Tacho are colluded during the night travel, is a pleasant thing. The passengers sit in front very comfortably, in the version Vector on electrically adjustable GestÃ?hl, in the back happen it for this class rather closely. Also the trunk is rather small with 425 litres.
To the aggregate

A pleasant companion is the 2.0-Liter-Turbo, which brings it on 154 kW/210 HP and really nothing at achievement lets miss. Over an announcement can be pursued, like the loader pressure constructs, the constant thrust already begins starting from approximately 2000 routes and reaches then nearly up to the speed limiter. 300 Newtonmeters maximum torque always provide for quick propulsion. The test car was equipped with a five-stage mechanism, which from the force package little momentum robs, but contributes much to the comfort. That keeps in track on speed 100 takes 8.8 seconds, the propulsion ends with 230 km/h. With dezent full of seeds sound the aggregate entices to the acceleration - which must be paid at the gasoline pump with a deftigen addition. The strong Swede on average, that used 12.8 litres of super is not little.
The chassis Sweden

Saab sets on sport - the driver notices also with the tuning 9-3. With unevenness and short impacts the mad seats iron a part of the taut chassis again away, but here (hardness) more would be less. In fast driven curves the sporty tuning has again its advantages. But that is matter of taste. The 17-Zoller of the test car let it afterwards-run on the motorway of each groove, impairs the straight line discharge and provides occasionally for the obligation to corrections. The sun roof was fit in bad and strengthened the wind noises otherwise quiet Sweden.
Price structure

36,300 euro costs the 9-3 in the equipment Vector with the strong turbo. Up to leather seats and navigation system equipment then really completely, even xenon light or one is separate adjustable climatic mechanism is also on board. Who orders these extras additionally, comes on over 40,000 euro. Also with the price Saab arrived thus in the Premiumsegment. In the case of so good equipment we can forgive quick Sweden that. That thereby partial levers and switch are used from the GM shelf and work a little cheaply, not.