Battle of the Mega Cars - Ferrari V Bugatti V Jaguar

by : Scott James

I guess the 1980's had to leave many a legacy of which, greed, avarice, dodgy haircuts, box jackets and designer stubble were but a few! Their was however another hidden legacy that carried right through to the 1990s and that was the development and manufacture off ridiculously expensive and massively overpowered very elite road cars.

I guess if you had the cash to splash around on any of the beasts that we're about to talk about then you didn't really have to worry about most of the day to day mundane issues that most of the rest of us have to fret about.

Here we are going to take a nostalgic look at the Ferrari F40, the Jaguar XJ220 pounds and last but not least the Bugatti EB1 10SS.

These were really well and truly the big beasts off their day and quite frankly had performance figures and specifications that would frighten you almost as much as the price tag.

I guess though, as is being said on many an earlier article if you had the cash to splash on any of these three vehicles then you wouldn't really have to give a damn about many other problems anyway.

Let's take a look briefly at the various specifications of these beasts. The Ferrari F40 had 32 valve V8 2936cc engine that developed 478bhp @7000 rpm and had a maximum torque of 426lb/ft @4000 rpm. It had a five speed manual transmission driven from the rear wheels, rack and pinion brakes and a naught to 60 of 4.6 seconds and a speed that topped out at almost 3 times the legal speed limit at 202 miles an hour. The price tag was, wait for it a staggering $328,000. There were only ever 1315 of the F40 made between 1997 and 1992.

The Jaguar XJ220 on the other hand had a 24 valve V6 3498cc engine that developed 542bhp @6500 rpm and had a maximum torque of 473lb/ft @4500 rpm. It had a five speed all-synchro transaxle driven from the rear wheels. It had servo assisted ventilated disc brakes and a naught to 60 of over a staggering 3.6 seconds! The top speed was reputed to be 211.9 miles an hour and the price tag at the time would have set you back a cool $850,000! Was there any surprise that there were only ever 218 of these cars ever built between 1991 and 1992.

Lastly let's look at the Bugatti. The EB11 OSS had a 60 Valve V12 3500cc engine that developed 603bhp @8250rpm and had a maximum torque of 479lb/ft @ 4250rpm. The Bugatti had a six speed manual transmission that was driven from all four wheels. Like the HJ 228 had servo assisted ventilated disc brakes and claimed a naught to 60 of 3.1 seconds! The top speed of the Bugatti was again claimed to be 218 miles an hour. The prize tag was a mere $576,000. Again like the XJ220 production tally barely got into three figures with 123 cars being built between 1992 and 1995.

Truly it could have been said that if you had been a proud owner of any one of the above and actually took it out on the road to drive then you possibly had more money than sense. That having been said, again if you actually had the money to own one of these cars then you wouldn't have had to give a damn about what other people thought anyway!