Grand Motors Calls Back Mazda 2, Verisa Vehicles

by : Kraig Johanssen

Aimed at mending problems with the coil springs and material used to cap the hydraulic oil, Grand Motors Incorporated is calling back 749 Mazda 2 and Verisa vehicles.

Following an announcement made by Mazda Motor Corp (Japan) to call back a total of 287,987 Demio (Mazda 2) and Verisa on Thursday, the said move was made by Grand Motors Incorporated.

Grand Motors Managing Director Frankie Ho said that he wanted to assure the customers that all affected vehicles will be fixed with no charge. In lieu of this, he added that the components to be used will be arriving very soon.

The VIN or the chassis number list of the affected Mazda 2 vehicles in Brunei Darussalam arrived yesterday through an email. Following Director Ho said that he will make it a point that all affected owners will be notified. According to him, this will be done via letter, email, telephone or advertisement in the local papers.

As regards the process of faulty part replacement, he said that they will separate the affected vehicles into groups to make the process easier. So far, this was Mazda's biggest recall in Japan. The problems lie on the coil springs whose coating can be easily removed due to the improper installation of the parts. Under worst cases, rusts may occur on the coil that may result to breakage.

The other problem is that the material to cover the hydraulic oil which is used in the clutch system could leak. In effect, this causes the clutch to not function properly.

Mr. Ho said that more than 1,000 Mazda 2 models so far have been sold in Brunei Darussalam and, fortunately, they have not encountered even a single problem on the two issues. But according to him it is out of concern that Mazda opts to mend all the affected vehicles.

For more information, customers can contact 2453105 or 2453106.

The Director also encouraged the concerned owners to provide their car registration so that it would not be difficult for them to look into the affected VIN or chassis numbers.

About Mazda2
Mazda2 has several names including Demio, Mazda 121, Mazda Metro, and Ford Festiva Mini Wagon. Equipped with quality , it is a small minivan or tall station wagon and was introduced in 1996.

Based on the 2005 records, 892,000 Mazda2 vehicles had been sold all over the world since its introduction. Mazda 2 vehicles had been sold in Brunei between 2004 and 2006.

With the transmissions of the Ford IB5, its predecessors are the Ford Festiva, Autozam Revue and the Mazda 121.

About Mazda Verisa

A tall hatchback that is based on the Mazda2 or Mazda Demio subcompact car, the Mazda Verisa is launched in 2004 and available only in Japan. Based on the 2005 records, 19,473 Verisas had been sold since introduction.

Mazda will give the Verisa a new logo in July this year.

About Mazda Motor Corporation
A Japanese auto maker that is based in Hiroshima, Japan, Mazda Motor Corporation expected to build 1.25 million vehicles annually as of 2006. The sales will be evenly divided among Japan, Europe, North and Latin America.

Mazda's 33.4 percent controlling interest is owned by Ford Motor Company.

About Grand Motors Incorporated

Grand Motors is the main distributor of Mazda vehicles in North America. Since 1993, they have been an established pre-owned vehicle dealership.

At their new facility are more than 80 cars in their inventory. And upon entering into their inventory, all vehicles are inspected, cleaned & detailed, and tested on the road. On all units, financing including options for extended warranties is available.