Mazda Cx-7 to Hear British Accent in 3rd Quarter

by : Kraig Johanssen

The Mazda CX-7 sports crossover SUV will hear the British accent as it enters the UK showrooms in September. In order to adapt to the European taste, it has especially built characteristics following a drive test and program tuning carried out by Mazda's European R & D Centre (MRE) that is based in Oberusel, near Frankfurt, Germany.

Prior to this, the CX-7 was successfully launched in both North America and Japan, where over 46,000 vehicles have been sold. It was appraised and then tuned by the MRE for driving performance and craftsmanship.

Almost 30 percent of the set up of the European Mazda CX-7 is different to other global versions. Tuning to handling, ride comfort, suspension settings, steering and brakes, ABS, ESP and NVH for power train, road noise and window noise are some of the improvements for the European market.

The company has also a specialized team that makes sure every model complies with European specifications, regulations, market needs and preferences. And this is found near Mazda's European design studio the R & D Centre. An engineering team composed of 15 persons took the US version of the Mazda CX-7 as their basis. Consequently, they developed the different specifications needed in order to fit the European customer preferences.

This started when the best performers in the European competition were gauged on the roads of the continent. Mazda Japan, the suppliers and the team all worked hard together for the European CX-7 to yield a driving experience that takes a more sporty direction. They did this by testing the car on NÃ?rburgring's Nordschleife, mountain roads, on German express ways at high speed. The CX-7 has also endured the winter testing in Northern Europe.

Mazda CX-7's power train is a high-performance 2.3 litre DISI turbo petrol engine. It yields 191 kW/260 PS - the US version yields 244 hp - and 380 Nm torque, which is the same as Mazda's high-performance MPS engine. The excellent performing engine was then matched with a six-speed manual transmission that is especially developed. With maximum speed limiter control and high-speed acceleration, the CX-7's maximum speed tests were conducted along the expressways of Germany.

And because unique requirements for high speed stability are required by the European market, an extreme chassis testing was also conducted at NÃ?rburgring's "green hell" (the Nordschleife). To focus on overall body rigidity with reinforcements on different parts of the chassis was the first step. Then, the front cross members and the ones placed on the transmission tunnel were made thicker same as the front suspension towers.

Like any other driving experts, the feeling of being "in" to the road and the performance quality of the car are also the factors that European drivers consider. And the CX-7 assures those through its improved suspension. An example of this improvement is the enhanced layout and suspension settings on the pull bars that link the rear suspension to the body. This improvement assures an ideal give and take between agility and drive comfort. Furthermore, the tires, steering characteristics and ESP settings are all reinvented.

All these innovations plus the space and flexibility prepares the Mazda CX-7 to its flight to set a new standard in its segment in Europe. Every single characteristic of the Mazda CX-7 gives the European clients everything they could ever desire that would fit a multi activity lifestyle with high levels of driving pleasure.

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